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Yamaha inverter-equipped generators are silent yet powerful

Yamaha is dedicated to providing generators that deliver unsurpassed reliable power. And their inverter generators are no different. They have been created with high-quality components that provide high-quality output.

Yamaha has two inverter generators available. These machines produce the cleanest possible electricity that can be generated, and they are safe to use.

“One of the key features of these generators is that they are silent, meaning they make almost no noise,” says Adrian Bac, Commercial Manager of motorcycles and power products at Yamaha. “This makes them a desirable for use in residential areas or spaces where noise needs to be avoided.”

Yamaha’s EF2000is and EF3000isE provide quality electricity

“All electricity is on a sine wave that oscillates, creating peaks and valleys. When you generate electricity with a generator, you want small distances between the peaks and valleys. If the gap is too big, the power is inconsistent. That is a huge problem for sensitive equipment such as TVs, computers, washing machines, or fridges. It blows up the microchips in domestic appliances and we cannot power them up.

To prevent that from happening, a good generator for domestic use needs an inverter.

“All generators consist of two main components: The engine and the alternator. You firstly need a good quality engine that runs smoothly to optimise the use of the alternator. The high-quality alternator is also critical to ensure the best output of electricity in the reduced sine wave variance. Yamaha has both.

“There is a third component that also reduces the sine wave variance, which is the invertor. It takes the power that comes through the alternator, and completely flattens the curve,” Adrian explains.

“Both these generators are equipped with invertors.”

Same Yamaha-quality, different models

“The difference between the two generators is the amount of power it can generate. The EF2000is is a 2 kVA generator, and the EF3000isE is a 3 kVA generator,” he elaborates. “Just as with any generator, its output is measured at sea level, which means a change in altitude will affect the output. However, when I say 2 or 3 kVA, it is a true measure that they do produce 2 000 or 3000 volt-Ampère.”

Both these generators use petrol for fuel.

When it comes to appearance, the two models look different. The EF2000is is small and easy to handle. A user can simply pick it up and carry it to where it is needed — all with just one hand!

The EF2000is is compact, lightweight, and portable — not to mention efficient. Campers love it for its mobility.

The EF3000isE is heavier and has four wheels to assist users in moving it around.

The EF2000is has economy control settings that adjust the speed according to the actual load. It is equipped with a 4-stroke OHV engine and offers low fuel consumption.

Its bigger brother, the EF3000iSE, has load detection intelligent throttle control that automatically adjusts the engine speed according to the load, improving fuel consumption and reducing noise. It is surprising to think that the silent generator only creates 51 decibels.

The bigger EF3000isE is silent despite its size. It has wheels to help move it around.

Currently, these models are popular with campers and for domestic use where individuals can quietly generate the electricity they need. The EF2000is in particular is the top choice for caravaners or travellers who need small, portable units. “They are compact, light, and efficient,” Adrian reiterates.

For industrial or agricultural use, Yamaha’s bigger generators receive a lot of attention.

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