Tal-Tec Livestock Spray Races

When it comes to protecting and treating your animals against ticks, it’s very important to know which ticks are in your area before dipping your animals and which dip is mostly used in your area. This information you will be able to get from your nearest vet.  The dip ratio is also very important in receiving the best results from your dip. Due to the small volume of dip required to operate a Tal-Tec Spray Race, it’s feasible to prepare fresh dip for every dipping to ensure the best results.

The Cattle static spray race is built with 34 jets and the semi-portable and mobile spray race have 24 jets, spraying from all four sides to ensure the dip gets on the entire body of the animal.  The dip mixture is then recycled as the dip runs back into the tank, through a sieve and therefore you can dip up to 300 cattle with 1L of dip.  Cattle can be dipped as often as your program requires at minimum cost and by using minimum labour, but still receiving maximum results. Tal-Tec have three different cattle spray race models;  static – gets cemented into the floor, semi-portable – is moveable, but have no wheels, mobile unit – has wheels, but is not roadworthy.  The semi-portable and mobile spray race have a tank build in at the bottom of the floor, but must be empty when transported.  The static spray race is the most effective of the three options and that’s why we have been making it for 46 years.

The new Sheep spray race has 15 jets spraying from the sides, top, bottom and one at the back to spray underneath the tail. It works with a solenoid that is triggered by a sensor once the sheep walks past.  The dip sprays until the sheep move past the sensor, ready for the next sheep.  The spray race sprays between 2 and 3 litres of dip mixture per sheep and comes with a 12v rechargeable battery for powering the sensor and solenoid valve and can be connected to electricity by using the charging cable supplied.  The sheep spray race is easy to use and operated with little effort.  A 1000L flowbin can be bought separately to use as a tank for the dip mixture.

With Tal-Tec Livestock Spray Races you will be able to dip your animals with ease, minimum cost, minimum labour and receive maximum results.  Dip Easy, Dip Today, Dip with Tal-Tec!

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