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    ProAgri ZM 76

    What do farmers do during winter? We are firmly in the grips of the winter. Some regions might experience more severe cold fronts than others, but climatologists predicted a very cold winter. Certain stereotypes immediately come to mind when one thinks of the winter months. It’s not an off-season, that’s for sure. Many farmers say […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 75

    Improving the sustainability of crop production Implements and machinery are one of the core elements of a farming operation. According to Lux Research, an international research company specialising in technology innovation, in its recently published annual outlook report, ‘Foresight 2021: Top emerging technologies to watch’, the prominence of new technologies in agriculture is an indication […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 73

    Zambia’s success will be Africa’s success We are very grateful for the rains we’ve received over most parts of the country the past few weeks. The rains bring life with it and revitalises the soil, and often the farmers as well. The words of Mr HE Hakainde Hichilema in the Foresight Africa 2022 report ( […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 70

    Dear readers of ProAgri Zambia, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the first edition of ProAgri Zambia for which I have acted as Editor. Having grown up on a farm and being a farmer myself, I have always been enthusiastic about writing and the agricultural sector – what an incredible opportunity and […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 68

    The new growing season for farmers in Zambia also heralds in a new era of promised growth for the whole country. ProAgri Zambia joins the agricultural industry in congratulating His Honourable Mr Hakainde Hichilema on his election as President. Who better to lead the country and the industry than a person who refers to himself […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 64

    Letter from the Editor We are firmly in the grips of winter. Some regions might experience more severe cold fronts than others, but climatologists expect a very cold winter.Certain stereotypes immediately come to mind when one thinks of the winter months. For most people it is the time for thick blankets and warm meals. For […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 63

    Major disruptions were caused by COVID-19 and the subsequentrestrictions, especially the restrictions on mass gatherings that includeagricultural shows, like the Agritech Show that was cancelled again this year. Good news is that although Agritech has been postponed, you may still visit many of the exhibitors between our pages. Farmers are used to attending an expo, […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 60

    This is the year during which we shall learn how to work around a seriously annoying virus. We have to carry on as normally as possible and we must strive towards maintaining our way of living, because threats of hunger in African countries are hanging over our heads. But ignoring the virus can be fatal. […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 58

    Blueberries are labelled as a superfruit. This fleshy fruit is very popular in developed countries due to its appetising deep blue colour, unbelievable health benefits and the important nutrients it contains. It is low in calories but high in fibre, vitamin C and vitamin K, and has one of the highest antioxidant levels of the […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 57

    To patent food seems like an outrageous idea. You can argue that food is food and has been consumed for millions of years. Why would anyone take ownership of a certain dish or name of a dish, and make you pay royalties before you may enjoy it? The idea is not so far-fetched though. In […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 56

    Dark clouds are forming over Zambia. If it were rain, it would have been fine, but unfortunately it is swarms of millions of deadly locusts. They are deadly because they can cause famine related deaths. An African migratory locust (AML) outbreak is upon us and already causing havoc in some regions. This is not a […] More

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    ProAgri Zambia 54

    Much is deliberated about the aftermath and repercussions of COVID-19. There were not many surprises in terms of estimated death numbers, and the projections were sometimes exaggerated and are corrected on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about the economic implications which are busy unfolding all over the world.  Economists predict a […] More

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