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    Feed dairy calves for future prosperity

    By Nelia Mbewe Raising healthy and productive calves is crucial for the long-term success of the dairy industry. The target of all good dairies should be to minimize mortality, and providing calves with enough good-quality colostrum as quickly as possible after birth is a step to achieving this. Colostrum Calves are born with an immature […] More

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    Understanding the immune system of your fish

    by Wiehan Visagie The past several years have seen remarkable development in the area of fish immunology. Worldwide, fish culture is on the rise, with the treatment of fish diseases becoming increasingly important. Thus, aided by industry, farmers are constantly trying to improve their understanding of these complex vertebrates’ complicated immune systems and the fundamental […] More

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    Balancing act of swine nutrition

    by Marne Visagie Proper nutrition is at the core of a successful pig farm. When we tune in on the nutritional aspect of feed, it will have a positive effect on sow quality and help us to produce high quality piglets. Better piglets will then help our business to reach its maximum potential. GILT NUTRITION […] More

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    Importance of nutrition for the health and production of pigs

    by Wiehan Visagie Pig farming is becoming increasingly popular in Zambia and can be a profitable business. As any pig farmer knows, the long-term success of the farm depends on the pigs multiplying and being able to reach the desired slaughter weight as efficiently as possible. A breeding sow can produce up to twenty-four piglets […] More

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    Novatek fish feed range

    The Novatek fish feed range is a favourite amongst farmers. Our feed is cost-effective and results in optimum performance. Our feed is locally produced, and our technical team is always willing to help farmers with feeding guidelines and general queries about husbandry. There are a few on-farm guidelines to follow: • Feed to satiation, but […] More

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    Novatek Pig Feed Range

    Optimum profitability on a pig farm starts by raising good quality gilts. After that, feeding a high-quality creep feed to the youngsters will ensure a healthy digestive system, and in turn, lead to optimal growth performance. The Novatek Pig Feed Range is well balanced and ensures that the pigs reach their genetic potential. The new […] More

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    Fish farming provides a future

    Exciting benefits can be reeled in by fish farmers in Zambia. Fish farming involves the commercial breeding of fish for food in fish tanks or artificial enclosures such as fish ponds. It is a particular type of aquaculture, which is the controlled cultivation and harvesting of aquatic animals. It is also been the fastest growing […] More

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