Prevent damage to your water pump: Measure water pressure at the borehole

With the current water shortage, a common and serious problem is damage to borehole pumps due to dry running when the water level drops. Even trusted boreholes that have been around for generations are suddenly experiencing problems with water levels in the current drought situation. Pumps get damaged because they are running dry.

Damage can be prevented with proper care, though. Agriplas has the right equipment to minimise your risk throughout this period of drought.

With the GSM Pro the water pressure at the borehole can be measured and parameters can be set for switching off the pump. The pump stops when a critical minimum pressure is reached and the farmer gets notified via a text message on his cell phone.

The pump will only restart once the top measurement of pressure has been reached, and again the farmer will be notified.

The real pressure values can also be monitored on the Internet and historical data can be used to determine the rising and dropping of water levels in a specific borehole, using the pump pressure as benchmark.

The functionality of the GSM Pro can also be expanded to control the pump remotely or to determine whether the power at the pump is on or off.

For more information, please contact Agriplas at +27-21-917-7177 or visit

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