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Vogelfontein Game Farm

Welcome to Vogelfontein Game Farm, a small – family owned – game farm situated ±45 km North of Brits in the North-West province of South Africa. Here, we cater for hunters and non-hunters alike, giving visitors a proudly South African Bushveld Experience.

Our aim is to provide visitors with a true bushveld experience and allow all nature lovers to experience the bush with their family, friends and loved ones.


Vogelfontein Game Farm is situated roughly 100 km from Pretoria (roughly an hour’s drive), ±45 km From Brits in the North-West province of South Africa. Visitors will take the R511 road out of Brits and continue straight past Greens Garage and the iconic “Beestekraal Stasie”. A large cell tower on the R511 serves as landmark where visitors will get onto a dirt road (maintained as to allow visitors with lower cars and sedans a comfortable drive).


At Vogelfontein Game Farm we have a number of activities available for hunters and nonhunters alike. We offer accommodation for overnight visits, game drives, game watching, nature walks and much more. We also offer visitors the chance to visit during the summertime, giving the full bushveld experience at any given time.

Visiting during non-hunting season

At Vogelfontein Game Farm we consider hunting season as 1 May – 31 July yearly. Visiting outside of these times can be arranged and rates for these times are budget friendly. We rent out both rondawels as one package, thus sleeping up to 10 people, for weekend visits. As we are close to Pretoria we offer a quick, affordable and close trip to escape the hassles of everyday life.

The rondawels are rented out for R4000 per weekend, including firewood, access to farm vehicles (driven by a guide), game walks etc.

*Please note that this rate is a flat rate and is, in general, non-negotiable. Special considerations will be made where for e.g. 2 people want to spend a weekend on the farm, and no other reservations were made.


We offer visitors a unique bushveld experience by providing accommodation for up to 10 people in traditional-but modernised rondawels. Guests will have the opportunity to stay in rondawels that are located on the higher areas of the bushveld, creating a natural vantage point to see a variety of game species and having a truly immersive bushveld experience.

Our rondawels do not have electricity, but lights have been placed at strategic locations to make sure visitors feel comfortable and need not fumble in dark places. The rondawels have clean running water that is fit to drink, hot water for bathing/showering, toilets etc. The first rondawel can sleep up to 6 people, and the second rondawel can sleep up to 4 people; beds are clean and fitted with fresh sheets, duvets, pillows etc. for each group of visitors. The rondawels are close to each other, allowing larger groups of visitors to enjoy their time together and be close to each other.

Braai areas are available and enough firewood is provided to ensure that visitors enjoy their time around the fire, sharing stories and deepening relationships. The rondawels are fully kitted with cutlery and crockery. Visitors will have to provide own refrigeration in the form of coolers.

Accommodation Fees (Hunting Season)

*Please note that above mentioned prices includes Accommodation, Hunting Guide, Access to hunting vehicle/game drives, Skinning fee (if applicable) and firewood.

Front view of the 1st Rondawel, sleeping a maximum of 6 people.


Vogelfontein Game Farm is ±150 hectares with plenty of game on the farm (±200 impala, 50 Blue wildebeest, 5 Zebra, 15 Kudu, 6 Waterbuck etc.) allowing a hunter to see a lot of game and be all but guaranteed a shot at a mature animal.

Permanent hunting blinds are situated on the farm at spots the animals are regularly seen at, these spots have been tested over time and game cameras are continuously monitoring these spots.

Traditional walk-and-stalk hunting will also be allowed for the more adventurous hunters-a field guide is compulsory at all times. Hunting from the vehicle will also be allowed-once again a guide is compulsory at all times.

Pricelist for Hunters

*Please note that the above mentioned Species and Prices are subject to availability, hunters are to communicate beforehand what species they wish to hunt and availability of the species. Some species on the farm are not available for hunting and prices for these species are thus not listed. Some rare species are also available on the farm and these prices will be communicated to the interested hunter beforehand – species can include for e.g. Blue Duiker, Mountain Rhebuck etc.

Promotions for 2020 Hunting Season

10% discount for any hunter who’s hunting account succeeds R10 000:

Every individual hunter who’s hunting account exceeds R10 000, will get 10% discount off of his/her hunting account. In other words, if a hunter hunts R10 000 worth of game, he/she will receive 10% discount.

Impala discount:

Every individual hunter who hunts 5 impala, will get R1500 discount off of his/her hunting account.


  1. All bows, crossbows and rifles will be tested on the shooting range prior to hunting. If the owner is not satisfied with the firearm/bow/crossbow OR the shooter, the opportunity for that shooter to hunt may be taken away.
  2. Every shot taken on an animal will be paid in full (the farm is small with lots of animals, cowboys are not allowed).
  3. Every hunter will be escorted by a guide unless otherwise specified by the owner.
  4. The hunter makes the FINAL decision when taking a shot. Even if a guide or the owner instructs a hunter to take a specific animal, it is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is happy with the animal BEFORE taking the shot. There will be no exceptions to the rule. If a hunter pulls the trigger, the animal is paid in FULL.
  5. There is a herd of Golden Wildebeest on the farm, clearly marked by tags in both ears. If a hunter accidentally shoots one of these animals, the fee will be R30 000 (Thirty Thousand Rand) for a female and R200 000 (Two Hundred Thousand Rand) for a male. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. NO persons under the influence of alcohol will be allowed to hunt or drive on the hunting vehicle.
  7. The use of a private vehicle is not permitted in the bush.
  8. No air-, hand- or other rifles are allowed to be used in or around the rondawels. This includes any type of target practice.
  9. Any damage to the property or equipment must be reported immediately. Damage to the property or equipment will be paid in FULL before the hunter leaves the farm.
  10. The owner will accept no responsibility for the loss of alcohol, money, ammunition or weapons. (No incidents have been present for well over 30 years, so we take this matter very seriously).
  11. The skinning of game will be done for the hunters, unless otherwise specified by the owner
  12. If the hunting party leaves after 10h00 on the day of departure, day fees will be levied.
  13. No rifle smaller than a .270 will be allowed for hunting on the farm.
  14. All fees are to be paid IN CASH before the hunter leaves the farm. If a hunter decides to pay via EFT, a 15% charge will be added to the hunter’s account.
  15. For bookings, a deposit equal to the total day fees will be payable in order to finalise the booking.

*Please note that the above mentioned rules will be signed by each hunter/visitor to prevent any arguments. Additional rules that are communicated verbally will also be applicable at all times.

Contact us: Martin Barnard – 082-696-1656, MC Barnard – 079-497-1023,  e-mail:

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