LEMKEN-maize planter has just arrived in SA


The long awaited LEMKEN- maize planter is finally ready for the South African farmers and has just arrived in the country.

The team of LEMKEN SA will tour through the country starting Monday, showing the new planter as they go.

So far, the route will be:

Monday and Tuesday: Balmoral

Wednesday: Middelburg at SIS and EDE farming

Thursday and Friday: Wonderfontein

Saturday: Newcastle.

The week from the 22nd of October we will be in Cookhouse with Pieter Nortje and Michael Vermaak

The week thereafter we will make our way to Ugie, Kokstad, Pietermaritzburg and Bergville.

Demonstrations will be given on the farms as we plant trails to show the new technology.

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Nuwe LEMKEN-mielieplanter in SA

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