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JCV Shades: The right shade for you

JCV Shades (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 by JJ Venter and has grown rapidly since.

They constantly invest in research and development and form strong relationships with farmers, to get a deeper understanding of their customers needs. They also develop various new and specialized techniques that improve and diversify our products offered. Their broad range of services and diverse products, ensure that all our client’s needs will be met and that the infrastructure for Agriculture, will increase crop yields, thereby promoting agricultural growth and food security.

Their product consists of the following main and subdivisions:


Flat Roof Structure, Pitch Roof Structure, Bungee Cord Hail Releasing System


Multi span Tunnels, Standard Tunnels 10m x 30m, Hobby/Seedling Tunnels, Econo Tunnels


Dripper Irrigation, Micro Irrigation, Pump Station Systems, Dam Reservoirs, Raft System Reservoirs, Oxygen System, Crop Support.

They hold true value and remain committed to customer service by providing excellent workmanship and quality materials that we source from our registered long-term suppliers. JCV Shades is also extending their service by including a site evaluation, giving advise and the best solutions to solving our clients concerns and problems.

JCV Shades has a unique competitive edge over its competitors by pursuing both low cost and better project management strategies. They understand and practise long-term supplier relationships for a long-lasting procurement success, and benefit by obtaining its materials at a significant discount. With this edge the company can achieve a low-cost leadership role and thrive with the consistent availability of materials. JCV Shades has a well-established working team that have the skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve any specific project objectives, effectively and swiftly.

The development of agriculture and industry involves a vaster usage of plants thus our Agricultural Infrastructure can offer several benefits in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, cannabis, plants, flowers, Heli culture, also assist in Aquaponics and Hydroponic systems.

Their products provide the following benefits:

Protects from natural weather disturbance such as wind, rain, hail, frost, sun burn, birds and insects. It reduces the risk of diseases while offering your growing season extension, resulting in healthier and higher yields. Allows for crop diversity, by allowing varying crops that are out of season to be grown. Helps creating favourable micro-environment for production. Also promote faster growth for plants. Reduced water consumption can save costs. When you invest in infrastructure there will be a reduction in insurance costs.

JCV Shades meets the specific needs of their clients across South Africa.

They guarantee and deliver!

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