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Fight the pests on your farm with crystal technology

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“You cannot see the frequencies but you can see the result,” says Arno Vlok of the farm Welgevonden just outside Riebeeck-Kasteel in the Western Cape. Arno grows table grapes and stone-fruit almost adjacent to the town. “It is natural to have problems with all kinds of pests and plagues such as mealybug, snails, and yellow white-eye birds and to get rid of them to protect your crop.”

“To cope with pests, I make use of Agri Frequencies and their crystal technology. It is not a magic wand but serves as a safe alternative to support your spraying program. If it works for me, it can work for others too, but it is a long process and demands determined management.”

“However, the more people in an area who makes use of it, the better the end result will be,” says Arno.

He uses crystal technology but still follow a spraying program too. “I combine the two methods.”

“I decided to make use of crystal technology because I export grapes and the overseas consumer wants to know we produce the fruit environmentally friendly. They want to be sure that we do not use snail and slug pellets because those baits are highly poisonous. With the crystals I do not have to use snail poison; thus my fruit will be acceptable for export, and of the best quality, because the crystal frequencies also boost the fruit sugar content.”

This photograph shows to what extent some of the vines in Arno Vlok’s vineyards were infested with snails before he made use of the services of Agri Frequencies.

Arno’s program is as follows:

“When I encounter a problem species, I send samples by post or photographs – say of snails – to Jan du Plessis of Agri Frequencies. I regularly send fresh photographs because there are different kinds of snail. One also has to provide Jan with the exact location of the farm (grid reference) and then leave the rest to him,” says Arno.

He started using crystal technology against the white-eyes two years ago as the birds leave unwanted marks on the fruit. “I will never eradicate them completely; only control them. The birds are not killed but the frequencies irritate them and they do not come near the orchards.”

He had very good results fighting the snails. Snails attack the fruit as soon as the weather gets warmer.

“The crystal frequencies kill the snails. It will not do it in a single year – it will take a year or two, but at this stage I already have fewer snails in my orchards. With the use of frequencies against the mealybug I could see the difference within seven days!

Since he started using the services of Agri Frequencies the number of snails on his vines has dropped dramatically.

How do the crystals work?

Agri Frequencies use photographs of i.e. snails, insects or birds to determine their frequencies and then prepare an anti-frequency which can control that specific species. The photographs are then scanned with a quantum scanner and copied in crystal powder where it is saved for later use.

A further apparatus – a quantum transmitter – sends the frequencies in the crystal powder to any place on earth by means of an aerial photograph. The frequencies are very adaptable and can control any pest at any place on earth.

The process is very accurate and targets only the desired species in the target area. There is no machine on the farm that can transmit the frequencies. However, a farmer can make sure that he is receiving the frequencies on his farm by doing a simple test – getting water in a bottle to fizz.

A range of products is also available to control all pests and plagues on a small scale – instruments sold at R800 each that covers an area inside a radius of 40 metres.

If you want to control pests on your farm in a cost-effective manner, contact Jan du Plessis on 082-429-4055, send an email message to or visit the internet site

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