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You can have a ‘new’ Drotsky without breaking the bank

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Owners of a dependable Drotsky hammer mill can now rejuvenate this workhorse, making it more efficient and giving it an increased milling capacity. Farmers know that, when they buy their first Drotsky hammer mill, they get a product which will give them perfect milling and will last a lifetime. However, no matter how good it is, wear and tear will take its mechanical toll with years of hard use milling various products.

The Drotsky people have now come up with a plan to rejuvenate a tiring machine by rebuilding it completely, giving the farmer and his/her offspring a virtually brand new product that should serve them a lifetime with perfect milling.

Drotsky rebuilds a PC24/M24 hammer mill within a day, replacing everything around the axle, and the axle itself, and the client receives a rejuvenated machine equivalent to a new M24 (capacity, lifetime and efficiency) at 20% of the price of a new implement.

Through the years the Drotsky people have put heads together with farmers to discussing improvements which could enhance the efficiency and productivity of the famous hammer mills. The consultation process is ongoing, resulting finally in the continuous improvements made to the machines.

A new generation machines – the result of scientific research – deliver improved performance compared with older models. However, the Drotsky concept enables the replacement of working components on older implements without replacing the complete machine and, in the process, increasing the output of the mill dramatically.

Further saving suggestions for the farmer:

– Mechanisation saves the farmer a lot of money and improves efficiency;

– Digital feed control is one of the regeneration aspects of mechanisation; and

– Use the correct power source to drive (tow) your hammer mill for optimum efficiency and the most economic performance.

Ripper bars

By merely replacing a ripper bar on the PC24/M24 hammer mill, the farmer can improve the mill’s capacity by 30%! The new razor-sharp blades cut the compact grasses and hay into finer portions before contact with the hammers, making feeding into the machines faster and easier.


The rotors underwent a complete re-developing process to ensure smoother and more efficient performance and, by fitting a new rotor, the productivity of the farmer’s Drotsky can be increased markedly.


Through the years the blowers in Drotsky hammer mills underwent continuous improvement to provide more efficient suction. New blowers replace more air, require less power and keep the sieve cleaner. Blowers have to be serviced regularly to ensure continuous efficiency.


The hammers of a hammer mill should be adjusted to the correct setting to obtain efficient performance. The mill should have the correct number of hammers and the gap between the face of the hammer and the sieve should not exceed 1,5 cm.

To rejuvenate your Drotsky, phone (landline) 011-864-1601 or any sales representative:

Alomia: 076-040-2166,;

Fouzia: 061-590-3889,

Francesco: 083-267-3286,

You can also view the website or find Drotsky on Facebook:

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