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Work deeper and wider with Agrico’s new T1000 folding wing ripper

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Any implement must prove its worth before the Versters of Potlachi Family Trust even consider it. Therefore, every aspirant implement is thoroughly tested on their farm near Luckhoff, in the central part of South Africa. They ensure that only the best machines are bought to support their strive towards achieving the best yields possible.

They farm with maize, wheat, popcorn, alfalfa, peas, and soya beans under irrigation. For this, they need a strong, reliable, and efficient ripper to prepare the soil thoroughly and quickly just before the planting season.

After a demonstration on their farm last year, where they have tested a wide range of Agrico’s implements, they decided to buy their new T1000 folding wing ripper. This is one of the largest rippers in the Agrico T1000 series. The Versters use a 430-kW tractor to draw the implement. The T1000 is available in models from 1 to 21 tines, and in frames up to 10 metres wide.

“Agrico’s people understand farming and gives the farmer exactly what he wants,” says Ryno Verster: “They adapted the ripper especially for our farm, for example, they fixed the implement with specific wheels we ordered. Agrico also, on request, mounted the tines 420 mm apart, even if the standard spacing is 500 mm.

The T1000 reset ripper from Agrico’s beam free height is 1 000 mm and the breakaway force at the shear tip of the tine is 7 600 N (760 kg).

“The T1000 can work up to 630 mm deep, but on average we work the soil 500 mm deep,” says Ryno. According to Agrico, the ideal working depth is between 400 and 630 mm, depending on conditions and the cultivation method. Within this band, the tines remain on target while the teeth are still able to completely break away and reset automatically.

Ryno says Agrico’s ripper stands out above its competitors, because the framework and teeth are manufactured from high strength materials and are designed to last longer. Yet, it offers much better value for money than their competitors.

Since the Agrico T1000 is adapted for the Versters’ needs, there were minor teething problems with the rocker shaft and welding on a hinge. “Agrico offered to

to give me a brand-new frame, but I said they could just reinforce it, which they did at the hinge point. The rocker shaft has been replaced with an upgraded one,” says Ryno. “That being said, up to now we didn’t even have to replace one bolt on a shear after 500 hectares of deep ripping with the implement.” He is also impressed with the fact that the implement can cultivate 6,3 hectares per hour. “Its method of cultivating is very efficient and the breakaway action is outstanding.”

Ryno is very satisfied with Agrico’s after sales service, which is a major consideration with the purchase of any equipment. “They always help me when I experience any problems. I will definitely buy more implements from them.”

A protective plate at the front of the T1000’s ripping tooth protects the tooth against friction and damage. This ensures a longer life.

Ryno’s father, Francois, added. “Agrico went to great lengths to give us exactly what we wanted. The ripper is designed to be a part of our farm, and it is better than any imported alternative.”

Paul Burger, Engineer and Product Manager of Agrico, explains that this T1000 is designed with a folding frame to facilitate transport, while offering a wide working profile. He indicates why the T1000 series is exceptional. “The bigger tines give the farmer more tillage options, and allow for either deep or slightly shallower cultivation in harder soil, or working with more residue on the land that might accumulate around smaller teeth, which may complicate the cultivation process.

“The T-series is successful because of a lower drawing resistance than the competitors, thanks to an optimised breakaway action, shaft width, shear angle and tooth shape. The standard 80 mm shear has a more aggressive action than those of its competitors. A wide range of alternative shears is available.”

Francois, Ryno and Jacques Verster are fully satisfied with their reset ripper from Agrico.

Benefits of the T1000-reset ripper:

• The implement does its job with little effort because tines automatically reset during operation, without reducing speed or having to lift the implement.

• The wear on the teeth is slower.

• The implement is cost effective.

• It is available in three-point lift or drawing models, and now also with folding wings for the wider models.

• It ensures low fuel consumption due to extremely low drawing resistance.

• The tooth geometry, layout and free height beneath the frame ensures good stubble flow and reduced clogging.

• The T1000 is the only implement in its class with recoil shock absorbers on all tines, which ensures a longer life expectancy.

• Agrico’s famous and popular straight ripper blade is fitted as standard.

• The shears are bolted on, making it easy to exchange them.

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