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Why taking out an extended warranty makes good business sense

The agricultural industry is full of unforeseen challenges, from unpredictable weather and market conditions to potential machine downtime during harvest season.

As a farmer, it’s important to think ahead, plan for the best and prepare for the worst, which is why it makes good business sense to invest in an extended warranty.

What is an extended warranty?

It is a prolonged warranty offered to customers in addition to the standard warranty that applies to new equipment.

Why take out an extended warranty?

Think of an extended warranty as a safety net that offers you peace of mind.

You should take out an extended warranty to help you manage your funds should any unexpected repairs be required and to ensure that you are up and running during the critical parts of each season.

What options are available?

John Deere recently introduced PowerGard™, a new extended warranty service on select John Deere equipment that covers you if your equipment breaks before its time due to unforeseen circumstances. PowerGard™ provides continuous coverage after your initial John Deere warranty period ends and offers different coverage plans to match your specific needs.

What does it cost?

The cost of PowerGard™ varies based on your selection, the number of engine hours and the period of cover you require.

What are the advantages of investing in PowerGard?

  • There is no pre-approval required for any repair work covered by PowerGard™
  • PowerGard™ provides extensive parts and labour coverage for you
  • You can take your equipment to any John Deere dealer for repairs
  • Increases the value of your equipment should you wish to sell it prior to your cover expiring

What equipment does it cover?

The warranty covers a selection of John Deere Tractors, Self-Propelled Sprayers and Combines.

The machine must fall within six months of the initial John Deere warranty period and have less than 250 engine hours on the clock to qualify for PowerGard™ cover. You cannot register for PowerGard™ cover after this grace period. Additionally, PowerGard™ also provides limited Powertrain coverage.

  • Tractors

Including the 6B, 6M, 8R and 9R model Tractors, the available coverage plans include the basic John Deere warranty, starting at 36 months (1500 hours) to 60 months (5000 hours).

  • Self-Propelled Sprayers

For Sprayers, the available coverage plans include the basic John Deere warranty, starting at 24 months (1500 hours) to 60 months (5000 hours).

  • Combines

For Combines, the available coverage plans include the basic John Deere warranty, starting at 24 months (500 hours) to 60 months (5000 hours).

What happens when I sell my equipment?

The great news is that the remainder of your PowerGard™ follows your machine as it changes ownership. In fact, having an extended warranty on the equipment makes it easier for you to sell.

Can I finance it?

Yes, just make sure to include PowerGard™ with the purchase of your new equipment.

It is better to have a safety net and not need it than to need one and not have it; invest in the John Deere PowerGard™ and let us provide you with the peace of mind to get you and your equipment through to the next bountiful harvest.

Get in touch with your nearest John Deere Dealer for more information on PowerGard™.

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