Water Shortage South Africa appeal

Water Shedding CEO, Benoit le Roux, welcomes Media, Marketing and Sponsorship specialist to help increase the capacity to help people with emergency water supplies.

Water Shortage South Africa, a civic organisation started two years ago to take emergency water to desperate communities, is under enormous pressure to scale up to cope with the near catastrophic conditions expected in the Western Cape.

The organisation started by housewife, Caroline van Saasen, now has a dedicated group of volunteers who have successfully organised the transport of more than 67 million litres of water to desperate communities.

The drought is the worst in living history and the City of Cape Town could well become the first western city to run out of water completely.

”Water Shortage South Africa was started 2 years ago to help desperate people in areas without water” said Benoit le Roux, CEO of Water Shortage SA, from Cape Town yesterday (Tuesday).

“The awful stories of farmers committing suicide, people and livestock dying are all our responsibility not just government” he said.

The PBO organisation is appealing to companies to come forward to sponsor money as well goods-in-kind like transport, water and fodder.

To this end top Marketing, Sponsorship and Media man, Ray de Vries has been appointed to help take the organisation to the next level of awareness and size to help serve communities in the many areas affected.

“I have been involved with Water Shortage SA from day one and am thrilled to be part of the “growth team”. This is not a crisis anymore it is bordering on a catastrophe. Our control centre is inundated with calls of help from many areas in the Western Cape that are without water already. It is frightening to think that this is just the beginning and we are at the end of the rainy season” he said.

De Vries said that sponsorship is critical now. “This is not just a worthwhile cause it is a matter of life and death. It is about South Africans keeping fellow South Africans alive in the worst drought in history.

“Corporate South Africa please dig deep to help this terrific, dedicated group of volunteers get water to the people” said de Vries.

Water Shedding SA is a non profit organisation that is apolitical and is not a pressure group but rather a platform of encouragement to all.

The organisations website is

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  1. And every day that goes by its tik tock tik tock you guys Rock we need to form UNITY WITH PEOPLE OF SOUTH AFRICA

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