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Versatile Bonnox works on a versatile farm

These Jerseys supply all Jasmyn’s fresh milk and milk for dairy products. They fully deserve their neat and safe camps fenced in with 1,2 m Bonnox.

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Bonnox is rightly a famous and respected brand on farms all over Southern Africa. Just like Bonnox, Jasmyn Farm and Farmstall at Hartbeespoort Dam near Pretoria in South Africa is a coveted household name. This versatile enterprise manages to produce nearly all the agricultural products for their farmers market and restaurant in town on a small piece of land.

They literally produce hundreds of different crops and keep various types of animals. Andries van Niekerk is Jasmyn Farm’s Crop Manager. Recently, he had to erect more fencing and, of course, Bonnox was his first choice.

“When I joined Jasmyn, there were Bonnox fences on the farm. These were erected years ago by one of the owners, Des Erasmus, to fence in the farm and to contain and support animals and crops. Those fences are still like new. Jasmyn has some 300 Jersey cows of which 180 are lactating, so more camps had to be fenced in for them recently. Andries also planted pecan nut trees which had to be closed in.

“Six months ago, I purchased 16 rolls of 1,2 m Bonnox fencing for this task,” Andries says. Three labourers were needed to erect and secure, with cement, the posts and tie the anchor wires.

The fig trees and the Dorper sheep that keep the grass short are contained by a neat 1 m Bonnox fence.

Once this was done, the job was completed in a very short time. The poles were erected 98 meters apart with y-standards every ten meters in between. “For the first fencing, we made our own straining clamps, which we used again for the new fence. They work very well to put up a neat and eff ective fence.”

Andries plans to Bonnox fence in more camps, but in the meantime,  he has also invented an innovative application for Bonnox’s ordinary steel wire. “I want to erect wooden posts on both sides of each row of fig trees and put up Bonnox between them to lead the branches of the fig trees up them like grape vines.

This will make the spraying, treatment and harvesting of the fruit so much easier…   “Bonnox is a very effective and reliable product and we have never experienced any problems with it. The wires do not rust or break when you strain them, and they are fully galvanized,” he says. Bonnox is intended for dedicated farmers who do not like exhausting work. Christo van Wyk is the Livestock Manager on Jasmyn Farm and he is also a Bonnox man.

“We use Bonnox most successfully for calves from weaning to nine months of age, because they easily get through ordinary fences with 6 to 8-inch spaces between wires. The same goes for sheep. They can’t possibly get through a Bonnox fence.”

Andries van Niekerk shows how he protects Jasmyn Farm’s newly planted pecan nut trees from the elements with 1,2 m Bonnox and shade netting.

Bonnox has a fence for every purpose. Call Bonnox at 012-666-8717 or 076-169-9068, or send an e-mail to, or Also visit the Bonnox website at to learn more about their wide range of products and gain access to useful information.

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