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Versatile Aquadam storage units solve most farm headaches

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It is no wonder that Aquadam is a well-known and trusted friend on the South African agricultural scene – they are, in fact, the people who manufacture water storage tanks of the highest quality to the exact specifications of the farmer.

The farmer decides on the dome, roof plating, colour and lining of the tank. There are three types of lining – one for ordinary water, one for drinking water and one for fertiliser.

This year farmers again visited the Aquadam exhibition at NAMPO in their hundreds. “NAMPO gives us the opportunity to share our excitement about our products with the farmers for whom we manufacture it,” says Ronald van Lochem, managing director of Aquadam.

He says most manufacturers of storage tanks use standard roof plating but Aquadam has developed a three-step process where they do everything themselves:

  • They use a laser machine to cut the holes for the bolts;
  • Then the plating goes through the corrugating machine, which rolls the corrugations; and
  • Then it bends the plating to fit the exact diameter of the tank required by the farmer.

Aquadam exports their tanks to farmers all over the world and distribute their products through cooperatives. It has been made easy to transport the tanks.

The most popular tank at NAMPO was Aquadam’s Smart Tank Extreme. This tank holds 98 000 litres and can be used to store water for poultry, livestock, drinking purposes, irrigation and firefighting.

 The tank is a modular steel panel type which is bolted together for quick and easy erection; and the capacity of the tank is adaptable to suit the needs of the farmer.

 The tank can be supplied with or without a roof and does not required extra strengthening without a roof. It has been designed to withstand strong wind, even in areas where hurricanes occur. The tank has a lifespan of 50 years and requires minimum maintenance. It is cost-efficient, quality-wise of the highest order, and is stronger than standard galvanised tanks.

Rudy Boshoff, Willie Palm, Ronald van Lochem, Werner Norval and Willem Venter, all from Aquadam, on their stand at the NAMPO show.

Advantages of the Smart Tank Extreme:

  • The tank is suitable for conditions in the interior as well as at the coast;
  • The tank’s lining is a certified potable water quality bag, suitable for human as well as animal use:
  • The tank can be consigned to any part of the world;
  • The tank has been designed to withstand strong wind, thunder storms and earthquakes; and
  • The dome can be made in Chromadek colours, which can be chosen to merge with the environment.

Aquadam’s new AgriDome

The days are past when the fate of farm animals had been to withstand the sun, rain, cold, frost or hail in the open. The AgriDome now provides an alternative covered area for the farm and is ideal for intensive sheep, cattle and horse farming. The AgriDome can also be utilised for storing fertiliser, seed, fodder bales and sand. “One can drive into it to stack bales, for example. There is constant airflow through the structure, so bales should not mould,” says Ronald. “Simultaneously it is most suitable to shelter the farmer’s expensive machinery, or even an aeroplane”.

The AgriDome is available in standard lengths of 6 and 12 metres and carries a 10 year guarantee. It is a light but strong structure that can be moved around easily. The structure can withstand wind of up to 100 km/h. Aquadam describes it as ‘super strong’.

The AgriDome blocks the harmful sunrays, but natural light can still enter the structure. This allows animals to be more tranquil, especially when it rains. Inside it is three degrees cooler in summer and three degrees warmer in winter. The farmer can add more units when he needs a bigger sheltered area under die AgriDome.

The AgriDome has a membrane-covered frame which means that, should a fire erupts inside the flames will not spread. The membrane melts where it comes in contact with the flame but is non-flammable.

Aquadam held a competition at NAMPO in which farmers had to estimate the volume of a tank with a water tank as prize. The winner was Andries Heymans of Centurion.

For more information regarding the brilliant series of Aquadam products for the farmer, phone 086-100-1010, or send an email message to You can also visit the website at All Aquadam products are designed and made to fit the needs of every farmer.

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