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Valtra BH 194 High-tech – robust, reliable, affordable: A farmer’s tractor dream come true!

A key driver for growth in African agriculture is farm mechanisation. To remain at the leading edge of providing farmers with the best technology, Valtra recently launched their brand new BH Generation 4 – BH4 Hi-tech tractor. The BH 194 is guidance ready with auto-steer and can be fitted with a GPS receiver of your choice for precision work.

This tractor was welcomed by farmers as a work-horse that is hard to beat, as it delivers maximum output without losing its simplicity. You can now work with a heavy-duty tractor that is affordable and has all the features the modern farmer needs.

Built in Brazil – perfect for work in Africa

Valtra tractors from Brazil have been running in South Africa since 2001. The previous generation BM and BH tractors were renowned for their simplicity and longevity. The BH 180’s performance was unrivalled, and BM110s are still running with more than 30 000 hours and no major repairs.

The new BH4 series is a combination of the original BH series and the Finnish-built T series. The result is a robust Brazilian built tractor that handles with the ease and comfort you would expect from its Scandinavian heritage.

Unbeatable engine

The new Valtra BH 194 Hi-tech tractor is powered by the unbeatable 6,6 litre, six-cylinder AGCO Power engine, renowned for its low fuel consumption and reliability. The components of the AGCO Power engine are the same as those used in the highly esteemed Valtra tractors manufactured in Finland.

The BH 4 always runs cool because the radiator compartment is completely sealed off to make sure that small particles such as dust and grass won’t block the radiator, and the coolers allow maximum cool air flow.

Transmission for more work with less diesel

The BH 4 has six normal gears and three power shifts, which means 18 forward and 18 reverse gears with a shuttle control lever next to the steering wheel for effortless direction changes.

The three power shifts within each range can be programmed to change automatically for smooth operation and working at the optimum revolutions and speed to get the best out of every drop of diesel.

Hydraulics fit for any job

With the arrival of new implements and the need for guidance and precision, there was a demand for hydraulic systems with higher flow rates. Therefore, Valtra developed and incorporated the modern HiFlow hydraulic system into their improved Generation 4 tractors.

The HiFlow II closed centre hydraulic system delivers 170 litres per minute from a separate oil tank, thereby avoiding any possible contamination of the transmission oil.

The tractor is equipped with three hydraulic vales and a return valve. More valves can be added according to the farmer’s needs. There is flow control on all three valves.

he face of power, reliability, innovation, versatility, and affordability — the Valtra BH 194 High-tech tractor.

Heavy-duty lift

The BH 4’s electronically controlled heavy-duty lift effortlessly raises 7 850 kg, which makes this tractor perfect for heavier implements. The tractor also has implement suspension for road use, known as drive balance control to keep impelents on the lift stable while on the road or moving between fields. Heavy construction and a favourable weight balance make the tractor perfect for hauling heavy loads.

Cabin built for comfort and control

All the controls inside the cabin are strategically and logically positioned — making it simple, practical, and easy to understand and to use. The comfortable air-suspended seat and climate control enables the driver to work long hours without getting tired.

The tractor has the perfect weight balance to handle heavy loads with ease. The new shape of the tractor’s weight frames also provides a much tighter turning circle.


All Valtra tractors come with a one-year warranty, with no hour limit.

In addition, all services performed at one of the dealerships with original parts have a one-year warranty, regardless of the year of manufacture of your tractor. The BH4 series of tractors has 500 hours service intervals for lower operating costs.

Valtrac is renowned for their legendary service, based on their belief that a tractor only has value for the farmer while it is doing the job it was acquired for. At Valtrac, ‘downtime’ is a very undesirable word, and great efforts are made to avoid the necessity of ever using it.

Wynn Dedwith, Director of Valtrac, says: “The Valtrac team is once again excited to offer a reliable, dependable tractor with enough technology to meet the needs of the South African and African farmer.”

Are you are looking for a reliable tractor partner for your farm? Look no further than Valtra from Valtrac. Talk to Attie de Villiers on 083-261-9863 or 056-817-7308, or send an e-mail to Also visit

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