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Valley remains at the leading edge of irrigation: Gain full control over your pivots with Valley’s 365™ platform

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Various reasons convince farmers all over the world to choose Valley for pivot irrigation. After all, Valley offers the best water utilisation, and enables the farmer to accurately control his pivots from any spot on earth.

“Valley pivots stand firmly, because they are designed and built to withstand high wind speeds,” says Francois Griesel, Valley’s Regional Sales Manager for Southern and Eastern Africa.

“Furthermore, the propulsion is controlled by the Valley gearbox which is, without a doubt, the best the market can offer. This is effected by Valley’s meticulous quality tests.

“Valley’s integrated control systems can be upgraded as technology develops. The farmer need not buy a whole new system to benefit from the latest technology on the market. A new module is simply added,” Francois says.

A well cared for Valley pivot usually outlives the farmer. Therefore, Valley offers the owners of old models an option of “Don’t replace – repipe”.

“Some of our pivots are forty years or older and still running. We thought it proper to make the special offer to make older pivots look like new. Now the farmer need not buy a whole new system, but simply replace the pipes of his old pivot. In this way, he can save on costs.”

Valley is the dependable pivot with a long life that continuously gives the farmer even more control and convenience.

Valley 365™ – Control everything from one place

“The Valley 365™ platform that was announced during NAMPO Virtual 2020, is an electronic platform that the farmer can load onto his phone, tablet or laptop computer. The platform gives him access to all the various pieces of equipment that he can use to peruse soil and weather conditions, and to control his pivots accordingly from wherever he may find himself at the moment. This enables him to exercise full control over irrigation on his farm,” Francois says.

“Valley 365™ offers the farmer organised analysis reports. These reports link in with the AgSense options. Therefore, if you have an AgSense licence, you will gain free access to the Valley 365™ platform,” Francois adds.

The benefits of the 365™:

•Efficient – Existing applications integrate easily, enabling the farmer to use one interface for access to all his pivots.

•Accessible – This cloud based platform offers a simpler, more intuitive user experience.

•Intelligent – Puts all Ackermannthe data together.

•Extendable – Farmers may add options themselves.

•Safe – The app is very safe and constructed with the latest technology.

This is the Valley 365™ app displayed on a cellular phone.

Valley weather station – your eyes in the storm

Access to accurate weather data is one of the best ways to improve harvests, and the new Valley® weather station is an important aid to forecast weather conditions and analyse weather patterns.

Francois says: “The weather station can also be linked to various other technological aids to give the farmer an overall view of the water needs on different parts of a farm. Should you have land in various areas, you can erect weather stations on each of them and receive readings from them all. Then you can programme your pivots to run faster or slower to apply less or more water. This way, you save on electricity, water, and long-term costs.”

Benefits of the weather station:

•Easy to install

•Mobile access

•Increased productivity – an e-mail informs the farmer about changing weather patterns

•Informed decisions – Information about temperature and humidity helps the farmer to make better decisions

•Increased accuracy

•Field specific data – Receive data directly from the field.

•Peace of mind – You do not have to go to the fields unnecessarily

Valley’s dealer network stretches all over Southern and Eastern Africa with more than 80 service points for technical services. For more information on Valley’s 365™ options, contact Francois Griesel at, or +27(0)67-412-9089.

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