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Valley ICON® series makes every drop count

Few things are as satisfying for a farmer as watching thirsty cattle drink or knowing that each plant gets exactly the right amount of water to produce excellent results. This privilege is made easier and even more enjoyable with Valley’s ICON® range.

The ICON® series is an excellent option for irrigation farmers who want the latest technology  and the ability to control their irrigation system withthe push of a button and a user-friendly touchscreen.

Digital irrigation requires the least amount of effort from the farmer and quietly does it’s work without wasting one of our country’s most precious resources: water.

The ICON® series brings together the best features of Valley’s leading technology solutions, namely AgSense®, BaseStation3™ and Valley 365®, all in one place.

“With the Valley ICON® Series, farmers have the combination of our best technology at their fingertips. Valley’s smart control panels decrease the time and effort you spend, eliminates unnecessary visits to your field, and gives you the control you need to manage your irrigation operation simply and efficiently,” says Emile van der Merwe, Regional Service Manager.

Valley offers the most advanced remote-control and monitoring tools with this leading range, thanks to the AgSense® system which comes as standard in each ICON® control panel. The ICON® control panels and smart touch screens are adaptable to existing technology and can even be used on older systems or other manufacturers’ systems.

Emile explains that the ICON® series of control panels have a wide range of functions and features. There are three ICON® models available in South Africa and Sub-Sahara Africa, including the ICONX®, ICON5® and ICON10® models. Each of these models are designed for a specific market, depending on the features and functionality needed by the customer.

Some of the main features of the ICON® series include:

  •  Software that can adapt to  each farmer’s unique needs.
  • It is cost-effective and saves time by reducing the amount of times you have to visit your fields, with advanced controls for accurate, time-saving management.
  • The ICON® series enables farmers to add specific features to their systems as their farms develop and change.
  • All ICON® panels are linked to AgSense®, BaseStation3™ as well as the Valley 365® application for controlling and monitoring your pivot.
  • Cable theft monitoring: the ICON® series can monitor the span cable and inform farmers in the case of a possible cable theft.
  • The series is also equipped with Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI). VRI enables the farmer to selectively irrigate areas in the field depending on each area’s specific needs.

“Since the release of the ICON® series, it promoted agricultural productivity which helps farmers achieve higher yields with less water while providing more energy sources,” says Emile.

The ICON® series of control panels come with very similar features and capabilities, however there are a few distinguishing features that sets the different models apart.


The ICONX® is a smaller sized control panel that is compatible with most competitive center pivot brands and is used to control these pivots locally and remotely. It has a 5-inch (127mm), full-colour touchscreen display with soft-touch buttons and an easy-to-use intuitive interface.


The ICON5® is a full-size control panel with a 5-Inch (127mm), full-colour touchscreen display and soft-touch buttons. It also has an easy-to-use intuitive interface. 


The ICON10® is a full-size control panel with a highly visible 10-inch (254mm), full-colour touchscreen display. A unique feature of the ICON10® is that it has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity as well as an easy-to-use intuitive interface.

“The design of the ICON® series is user friendly, with the focus on ease of use and visual feedback on the control panel’s main screen. The setup and operation of the system are similar to the look and feel of a Tablet,” Emile explains.

There is a one-year warranty on all ICON®- control panels. The warranty covers hardware such as the ICON®- Module, Smart Relay Board, Encoder and Pressure Transducer. “Valley customers get the resources from the most trusted irrigation brand and leading dealer network,” says Emile.

“Support for systems, parts and service support is provided by a network of competent dealers in Africa and South Africa. We are proud to meet the needs of farmers.”

Contact Francois Griesel for more information on Valley Irrigation and the ICON® series at  or call +27 (0) 67-412-9089. Visit the website at

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