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Use the best blower sprayer and ensure bumper crops

Sarel Swart, Marna de Vries and André Lambrechts of Swartland Spuitpompe exhibited their excellent range of blower spraying machines at NAMPO Cape.

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Farmers can earn a handy income with fruit and nuts if the crops are managed correctly. Swartland Spuitpompe has the perfect range of high quality blower sprayers to empower farmers with the management of fruit, nut and citrus groves, as well as other high-density crops such as berries.

Sarel Swart of Swartland Spuitpompe felt the need for good quality local products in 1991. He then imported Teyme sprayers from Spain and also started manufacturing his own RS sprayer range with components imported from Solteka in Spain. All the sprayers are constructed for heavy duty use and are easy to maintain. The machines are manufactured with South African conditions in mind. The sprayers are available in a model range with tanks of 250, 500, 1 000, 1 500, 2 000, 3 000 en 4 000 litres.

RS 3000 citrus sprayer with 4 m high tower

The RS 3000 customised citrus spraying machine is designed to allow the tower to be raised or lowered within 30 minutes. This allows the sprayer to be utilised for a wide range of applications. The machine’s 915 mm diameter blower delivers a high volume of air at a low towing speed, which helps to lower fuel consumption. The sprayer is equipped with a 260 litre/min Comet pump and regulator. It can spray from 750 to 12 000 litres/ha through 50 spray nozzles on the 4 metre high stainless steel tower.

The machine can spray at standstill to a speed of 7 km/h where the terrain allows. The sprayer is 4,7 m long and 1,8 m wide and fitted with big tyres to minimise soil compaction. The bullet-shaped tank was designed with the least damage to fruit and trees in mind while the machine is moving through the orchard.

The farmer can order his/her RS-series sprayer with a blower diameter from 765 mm tot 1 050 mm, and tank sizes of 1 000, 1 500, 2 000 and 3 000 litres.

Teyme berry sprayer

The Teyme berry spraying machine is designed to work in rows of one and two metres. The machine’s blower of 620 mm is adjustable to suit the specific crop that is to be sprayed. It has a low power requirement and a 21 horsepower (15,6 kW) tractor is equal to the task. The berry sprayer comes with tank sizes of 200, 800 and 1 000 litres with a Comet APS 95 pump. It is equipped with a special tower specifically designed for the spraying of berries.

To get the correct spraying machine for your farm, phone 021-876-3510, 021-300-0223, send an email message to or contact André Lambrechts (073-303-4270). Visit on the internet as alternative.

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