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Timac Agro fertilizers are tops in drought conditions


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Technology reigns in today’s world; why not then also when it comes to fertilisers? This is the feeling of the Timac Agro crowd. They offer farmers right through the country sustainable plant and animal production and their products are especially popular among the vineyard growers in the Western Cape. Timac Agro markets granular fertilizers as well as a series of bio stimulants.

Timac Agro South Africa is a subsidiary of the French company, Roullier, which was established way back in 1959. Roullier believes in ongoing research and development to improve their products and knowledge and remain at the forefront of renewal.

Timac Agro products are marketed by Cape Agri.

“Timac Agro’s speciality division showed tremendous growth in the Cape in the past number of years and this is where Cape Agri plays an important role. We started cooperating with them last year and visited existing and new clients. Our relationship with them is most important,” says Pieter Conradie, Timac Agro’s regional manager in the Western Cape.

Johann Barnard, a Cape Agri marketer says: “It is necessary to serve the farmer with the latest technology and Timac Agro has it available. The firm showed excellent growth in the past year and proved they have a system that works. That is why we have an excellent relationship with them. They have outstanding products – a good enough reason. I have not yet seen anything better and nothing to compare it with.”

How the company works: Agro employs field marketers who visit farmers to determine the needs of the farmer in loco by first taking soil samples for analysis. The results serve as basis for Timac Agro to draw up recommendations for the farmer. They also deliver the fertiliser on the farm to ensure that it will be used to the advantage of the farmer and his farm. “The farmer only fertilises according to the needs of the plant”, says Johann. The most popular Timac Agro products in the vineyards are D-Coder, Sulfammo en Fertiactyl.

Remé Levember, senior bestuurder van Kaap Agri; Deon van der Merwe, tegniese bemarker vir Remé Levember, senior manager of Cape Agri; Deon van der Merwe, Timac Agro’s technical marketer in the Boland; Johann Barnard, agricultural marketer for Cape Agri, and Pieter Conradie, Timac Agro’s regional manager in the Western Cape, discussing bulk packaging of Sulfammo fertilizer.


The clever D-Coder, which can also be used in times of drought as it does not require immediate moisture.

This is an inter-active single granule product which reacts with the root acids of the plant and has more than one element in each granule. Standard fertiliser slakes fast while the D-Coder stays available until it is fully consumed – it does not have to wait for water to activate. “It is ideal for dry as well as wet conditions,” says Pieter.

During the drought Timac’s D-Coder was spread on the lawns of schools in the Western Cape. “When the rain comes after a dry period, the grass grows again. There is nothing to compare on the market. It must be the best in the world,” says Johann.

More about D-Coder:

  • It interprets plant root signs released in the form of root secretions and then releases nutrients as and when the plant requires it;
  • D-Coder strengthens: Activity in the root zone is strengthened by the FMR-complex, which improves plant/microbe interaction, the mineralisation of organic material and the availability of nutrients;
  • D-Coder enhances root growth through the patented PES-complex, which promotes root growth and stimulates the production of root secretions; and
  • D-Coder contains water soluble nutrients to provide in plant needs during the initial growing phases.


Timac Agro’s Sulfammo fertiliser granule is a Nitrogen granule used as after harvesting or budding fertilisation in vineyards.

Sulfammo is Timac Agro’s Nitrogen granule which is applied as after-harvesting fertilising, as a budding fertiliser in vineyards, or for top fertilising on other crops such as wheat. “What makes it an excellent product, is the fact that it can remain dormant in dry soil for 120 days and will only go into action the moment it meets water,” says Pieter.

Meer about Sulfammo:

  • N-process reduces Nitrogen loss;
  • N-process improves the Nitrogen absorption and changes nitrogen into protein;
  • N-process stimulates soil biological activity and improves organic Nitrogen; and
  • N-process combats soil acidification caused by Nitrogen usage as a result of additional sea calcium carbonate.


Fertiactyl is a stress regulator which assists a plant to experience as little as possible stress during its growing cycle so that it can deliver an optimum yield. “We recommend it for vineyard farmers who have leaf roll virus problems to assist the plant to undergo less stress and enable the vines to reach its required sugar levels,” says Pieter.

There are three different Fertiactyl products: GZ, Starter and Trium.

More about Fertiactyl:

  • It enhances root development and improves the nutrient uptake of the plant;
  • It improves the absorption of all elements for improved performance of chlorophyll beads, which leads to better growth and building of reserves;
  • It enables the plant to survive under stressful conditions; and
  • It strengthens the plant’s natural defence system.

Animal production

Timac Agro’s Calseamag+ lick block is a well-balanced block which works perfectly for equestrian application.

Timac Agro also supplies lick blocks for livestock. The lick blacks improves the digestive process of animals and enable them to gain more from feed or grazing, thus improving production. It is salt-based to prevent over-ingestion of the block content.

Advantages of the lick blocks:

  • The blocks are hard;
  • The blocks can withstand rain and will not dissolve in wet weather;
  • Salt quality – an animal can only ingest a certain amount per day;
  • Technical input prevents ammonia toxicity by preventing the formation of ammonia and increasing formation of protein;
  • Blocks contain no urea;
  • Animals cannot chew the blocks;
  • It supports immunity and fecundity; and
  • Lowers stress.

Advantages for horses:

  • One block can serve one horse for up to eight months. Position one block to serve between 20 and 30 animals simultaneously;
  • It contains selenium and vitamin E;
  • It contains magnesium to lower stress and relax muscles;
  • Natural calcium ingredient derived from seaweed (kelp);
  • Prevents acidosis – buffers pH in the stomach; and
  • Prevents salt deficiency.

Contact Timac Agro on 071-610-8082 or send an email to to improve your technical knowhow of plant and animal production. You can also visit the firm’s website on for further information.

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