Tiger Feeds: Technical services guarantee favourable results in livestock business

by Given Hamanungu – Technical Advisor

For economic reasons, the critical value of applying evaluations of business policies and programmes is economic efficiency. Essentially, economic efficiency is attained when individuals in the society maximise their abilities, given the resources available in the economy. An increase in economic efficiency improves the wellbeing of the members of the community.

Economic efficiency is about maximising the aggregate or collective wellbeing of farmers. This can only be achieved through technical services. Technical services strive to satisfy three components known as productive efficiency, allocative efficiency and dynamic efficiency. All three these components are important to produce quality products.

Technical skills include training from specialised expertise in a specific field to enable farmers to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently and to give them the ability to apply know-ledge for better results.

All the members of the Tiger Feeds Training team are eager to empower their farmer customers.

Tiger Animal Feeds is committed to ensure better results on broiler management by offering technical services to customers. As we produce both chicks and feeds, it is our prime duty to ensure customers are equipped with all the necessary knowledge on how to rear broilers and many other animal species by technical services.

Photos below show Tiger Animal Feeds’ technical team conducting training to equip livestock farmers with knowledge on good management.

Visit Tiger Animal Feeds’ main office or sales depots around the country for better technical services free of charge and keep abreast of progress in livestock management information. Contact Given Hamanungu, Technical Advisor, at +26-097-540-3834 or for more information.

Customers during and after training.

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