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Tiger Feeds supplementary feeding: Keep game and wildlife healthy and happy

Blue wildebeest will remain in shape during the tough winter months with the help of Tiger Feeds’ Game Blocks.

by Rowena Blanco, Nutritionist: Tiger Animal Feeds

You may ask why should one need to feed game species if they already have natural grazing or browsing to live on? There are very good reasons.

Keep your game happy and healthy
right through the year with Tiger
Feeds’ game supplements.

Supplementary feeding of wildlife is necessary for the following reasons:

• Providing additional food resources to wildlife in emergency situations when natural foods become unavailable or are severely restricted due to drought.

• To improve the condition of individual animals in respect of body mass, growth rates and antler size or population performance in respect of survival, fecundity, restoration, and growth.

• Attracting or luring wildlife to alternative locations to reduce damage to agricultural crops or even livestock or to reduce threats to human health and safety.

• Artificially attracting or concentrating wildlife to enhance recreational activities such as hunting, wildlife viewing and photography.

Black and red impala will benefit
from supplements when natural
grazing is scarce.

Feeding a nutritionally acceptable supplementary diet to captive and free-ranging wildlife can improve body condition, increase survival rates, and enhance reproductive performance. The magnitude of the response is proportional to the severity of the nutritional stress and the quantity and quality of available native forages. Tiger Animal Feeds realised the need to provide game and wildlife with a nutritionally balanced ration for the very reasons stated above, hence we have produced the following products: Game Pellets and Game Blocks.

Kudu need extra protein and trace
minerals during difficult times.

These rations are specifically formulated for the needs of game and other wildlife during the periods of limited forage availability. It is also formulated to supply all the nutritional requirements of game kept in pens or subject to minimal or poor quality grazing.

The Game Block is a source of protein and trace minerals, and suitable for all types of antelope, ruminant game and horses. 3,63% of protein is derived from NPN sources. The Game feed range is totally safe to use and within specifications. It is approved by AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturing Association) and supplied by Astral Foods.

Visit Tiger Animal Feeds’ main office or sales depots around the country for valuable technical services free of charge, and keep abreast of progress in livestock management information. Contact Given Hamanungu, Technical Advisor, at +26-097-540-3834 or for more information.

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