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The pivot for a lifetime and more: Reinke makes rain on your farm


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“I may not know much, but I know a pivot and I need not look any further, because I know Reinke pivots are the world leaders in technology,” says James O’Kennedy, lucerne, grain, soy bean and sorghum farmer from the farm, Doornkloof, near Swellendam. His five Reinke pivots serve his farm very well.

“I have two 12-tower pivots and three 5-tower ones,” he says.

Reinke manufactured their first pivot in 1968 in America, and James ordered his first Reinke pivot from America in 1983.

Reinke’s Electrogator pivot was the first pivot with spans of more than 30 metres, and the first with their V-jack trussing. This means that the waterpipe rests upon a series of upside-down V-shaped trusses. James continues: “Reinke is better in all respects: it’s quality is better, and the towers are technically advanced.

“The structure of a Reinke pivot is also much lighter, its pipes and arches not so high, but they last longer.”

Patrick Ellis, Reinke’s Sales Director for Africa, joins James in saying that Reinke excels because of their good dealers and the good service they render. “Every year, Reinke sends technical support staff from South Africa to America for training.”

The high-tensile steel from which Reinke pivots are made, is 50% stronger than the steel used for pivots made by competitors, and 20% lighter. This puts to less tension on the system’s propulsion (gearboxes and motors), causing less down-time and fewer repairs.

Reinke’s President and Vice-President came all the way from America to attend NAMPO this year, and they were very impressed with the show. Chris Roth, President of Reinke; Patrick Ellis, Sales Director for Africa; and Jim Snyder, Vice-President of Reinke.

Why does the Reinke pivot excel?

It offers the option of blue Reinke gearboxes, guaranteed for 10 years and 16 000 hours.

The blue gearbox cannot be overlooked, and will last longer than any competitor’s gearbox. It is durable, long-lasting and equipped with high-torque gears for an improved load capacity. Extra long carriage bolts make it possible to use reinforced hubs.

New control panel – RPM (Reinke Precision Management) Advanced Plus:

“It greatly improves the automisation of your pivot, as it offers more options,” says Patrick. With RPM panels, farmers can upgrade from the basic system to Advanced Plus, or Touch Screen, which is the peak of pivot control.

Advanced Plus advantages:

  • Adaptable screen image
  • Easy to use touch screen
  • Enhanced options
  • ReinCloud-Ready® for remote control and monitoring
  • 5-year guarantee

A farmer may then start and stop his pivot with the ReinCloud Ag Data Services app from his smartphone.

ReinCloud is the online software that helps the farmer to combine field and irrigation data in one easy application. The app is easy to use, informative, and driven by the latest technology.

ReinCloud includes the following features:

  • Safe data services
  • Data organised according to place and region
  • Easy access via your phone
  • Messages/notices are sent via text message, e-mail or the app
  • Can measure your soil moisture content
  • Compiles reports
  • Presents data that you can share
  • Can present data in graph format
  • Provides satellite images

Reinke has a flexible three-wheeled tower base that gives better traction in your field due to a more proportional weight distribution. All three tyres maintain ground contact at all times, thereby decreasing the weight on every individual tyre.

Ultraviolet resistant Reinke V-ring seal

Every V-ring seal is positioned safely in the pipe to protect it from degradation caused by UV rays.

The Reinke V-ring seal creates stronger, flange-to-flange contact (instead of flange-plastic-flange) and combines the strength of two connected steel flanges (instead of interrupting the strength of steel with a plastic T-gasket). Plus, connected flanges won’t sag or settle and create potential weak spots that might necessitate future repairs. Finally, the V-ring seal leaves a smooth internal pipe surface while every T-gasket has an internal lip that disrupts or obstructs water flow at every connection. In every manner possible, the Reinke V-ring seal system is simply a better way of connecting pipes.

Reinke’s double-walled tower box provides a moisture free environment for electrical components as condensation cannot take place inside. The material of which the box is manufactured, and the unique design make it extremely durable and offer effective protection of the components inside. A mechanical safety clutch prevents opening the box without first disconnecting the power supply to the pivot tower.

Contact Patrick Ellis on 083-326-9058 for more information on Reinke pivots, or send him an e-mail to Also find your closest dealer on their website:

Reinke easily climbs inclines of up to 17%. Once, when we forgot to stop our 12-tower pivot, it simply went on to climb over the fences and embankments without toppling over.

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