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The most effective and versatile irrigation system in the export market

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The Rotrix Africa Rainmaker travelling Irrigation units are the most versatile compact mobile irrigation systems on the market for export. The Rainmaker systems are ideally suited for small scale and commercial farming enterprises.

The units are packed and strapped onto pallets in pre-assembled kits ready for easy and simple transport to any destination via road or air transport. Once the units are delivered the farmer only has to follow the simple assembly instruction and within a couple of hours your new Rainmaker system is ready to be wheeled out to your lands to start irrigating your crops effectively and efficiently.

Backed by more than 40 years of irrigation experience and the manufacturing of the Rainmaker Irrigation systems, Rotrix Africa is able to offer their client’s unbeatable service with the product designed and built to meet the harsh conditions of operating in Africa. The design is low tech but effective, easily maintained and serviced with the most basic tool and mechanical knowledge. Parts lists, service instructions and service spares are available with each unit they export with backup from your nearest agent or direct from the head office in South Africa.

Rotrix Africa has been involved in exporting their mobile self-driven irrigation machines into Africa for many years and the growth opportunities are endless. Rotrix Africa offers a wide range of different models to suit all types of farming operations from the small scale ½ to 1 Ha plots up to 100 Ha commercial farming enterprises.

The irrigation units are self-propelled using the water supply from the pump to operate the simple hassle-free drive system, allowing effective water application to a wide range of crops. The units are easily transported for export purposes, cost-effective with a high return on investment to the farmer. It is ideal for new land preparation, expansion projects, and quick-return cash crops. There are also mobile irrigation setups with diesel pump sets available that require very little installation.

DIY installation is a key advantage of the Rotrix irrigation systems. The pipes used to supply the system with water can be buried or simply rolled out above ground.

The drive system is a simple but highly efficient open Pelton wheel type drive, driven by water jets which in turn drive the gearbox, sprocket and chain which then winds in the cable pulling the machine forward. Rotrix Africa has well-established distribution networks throughout all of the SADC countries and partners to assist with your irrigation requirements. These countries include the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

The versatile nature of Rotrix irrigation systems allows for effective application on various crops. Rotrix irrigation systems have been used with great success on maize, wheat, barley, soya bean, vegetables, pastures, sugar cane, tobacco and more.

Invest in your farming profits with a Rotrix Rainmaker Irrigation unit to suit your requirements. Contact Jasper Hewitt on +27-(0)82-773- 7544 or for more information. Visit their website at

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