Temporary closure of Tshwane market

Notice is hereby given to all staff members and members of the public that Tshwane Market will be temporarily closed for 48 hours with effect from the date of publication of this notice due to a reported positive COVID-19 case.

Tshwane Market will be reopened on 27 June 2020 for business continuity. The interior of the building will be disinfected during the closure period to combat the risk of COVID-19 infection.

All contacts will be traced and managed according to the Department of Health COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. Group Property, Group Health, Group Human Capital Management and the private party will entirely adhere to the City of Tshwane standard operating procedure on buildings with confirmed positive COVID-19 cases. During the disinfection and deep cleaning of workplaces and areas, all employees housed in Tshwane Market are encouraged to work from home and take the necessary precautionary measures, where necessary, to observe occupational health and safety directives and protocols related to COVID-19.

Departments are advised to use alternative business continuity measures, such as Microsoft Teams, and to communicate this notice to all staff members, especially those without access to Microsoft Outlook.

For any further information on the disinfection of Tshwane Market, including the issuing of a disinfection certificate and material supply data sheet, please do not hesitate to contact or 082-562-9459, or or 082-626-7378.

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