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Talbert is the farmer’s irrigation ally

A centre pivot is supposed to ease the workload of a farmer and not add to the problems that farmers need to deal with every day. This means that the provider is as important as the centre pivot itself.

Talbert centre pivots were developed 28 years ago on the farm, and were designed and manufactured with Southern African circumstances in mind.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Talbert pivots:

Special design

In sandy soil or heavy clays, from giant maize circles to a small patch of lucerne, Talbert understands the farmer’s needs and makes sure that his centre pivot will suit his unique requirements. The ultimate goal is increasing production and profits. The Talbert irrigation system is designed to be userfriendly and durable.

Only the best materials

Talbert incorporates the latest technology and highest quality materials to ensure the efficiency of their centre pivots. All steel components are galvanised and strongly adhere to SABS 763 standards. The pipe walls are 3,5 mm thick and the heavy-duty A-frame structure ensures structural integrity even in extreme conditions. Talbert manufactures each centre pivot in their own South African factory. This ensures the highest quality standards and the prompt availability of parts and accessories.

No blockages

A valuable standard accessory on all Talbert pivots is the sand catcher. This ensures that the sprayers do not clog and also facilitates the cleaning process.

Irrigate at night

A bright light on the final tower enables the farmer to irrigate at night and therefore limit the effect of evaporation.

Tower couplings

The unique tower couplings are made of a high-quality rubber and remain completely covered to protect them from the harmful UV-rays.

A strong centre

A lot of attention is given to the strength and stability of the centre tower, as this is the heartbeat of any centre pivot. The weather-proof control panel is designed to control the system safely and efficiently. Built-in sensors switch the pivot off if the water pressure drops too low. Quality approved industrial gearboxes drive the pivots, and if needed, gearbox spares are readily available nationwide.

Quick service

Talbert irrigation systems are supported by a wide dealership network in order to ensure a quick response time. “Just as the centre pivots keep working on the farm, we keep working with the farmer. Should a centre pivot stop for maintenance or repairs, we always get it working again as soon as possible,” says Jannie Steyl, founder of Talbert.

Find out more about Talbert products by phoning Douw Steyl on +27(0)-82-451-3754, Arno Steyl on +27(0)-72-344-0683, the office on +27(0)- 51-435-7778, or send an e-mail to or Also visit the website

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