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  • John Deere
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    Christmas comes early for Zimbabwe’s farmers: John Deere invests in agriculture

    With the right tools any work is easy, or so the old saying goes. But with inadequate equipment a simple task can quickly turn into a nightmare. This is what led John Deere and the Zimbabwean government to work together in order to improve the lives of farmers in the country. Mark von Pentz, President […] More

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    Where are our evicted farmers today?

    The story of Deon Theron I’s been twenty years since Zimbabwe farmers have been thrown off of their farms, and still many of them have received no compensation. Sweat, tears, fending off attacks, being robbed, fleeing, fear, building something up and then just losing it over and over again. These are the cir­cumstances under which […] More

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    Tobacco farmers in Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe is the largest producer of tobacco in Africa. The plant, also known as the ‘golden leaf’ has been the backbone of the country’s agricultural economy. Tobacco constitutes 38,6% of Zimbabwe’s agricultural industry. Maize contributes about 10% with various other legumes making up the difference. The Zimbabwe Tobacco Association was formed in 1928 and has […] More

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    The Russian interest in partnering with Africa received much attention from news agencies in recent weeks. This comes after the Russian government invited African leaders to attend the inaugural Russia-Africa Summit. The ties between Russia and Zimbabwe go back to the days of the liberation struggle. In 2003, Zimbabwe was seeking alternative partners after facing […] More

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    Another foot-and-mouth disease outbreak: Zimbabwe bans South African meat products

    Foot-and-mouth disease is a highly contagious disease that affects various species of livestock. It can cause great losses for farmers, but cannot be transmitted to humans. The danger lies in the losses that countries incur due to the ban on their export products. The disease is caused by a virus of which there are seven […] More

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    Land, trust and restitution: Zimbabwe’s three hurdles to becoming the breadbasket of Africa

    The new government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa announced earlier this year that it intends to change the country’s land-ownership policy. Under the regime of the late president Robert Mugabe, white farmers were barred from owning land. The Mnangagwa administration claims that this will no longer be the case, and that farmland will be available to […] More

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    Zimbabwe hopes to revive economy with new currency

    In an effort to make it easier to do business, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance, Prof Mthuli Ncube, announced in June this year that a new Zimbabwean currency will be introduced before the end of 2019. This comes after the Zimbabwean government decided to abandon the multicurrency bond notes that they have been using since 2009. […] More

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    ProAgri Botswana/Namibia/Zimbabwe 01

    Africa does not always make sense. A huge share of our food security depends on those invisible millions and millions of small farmers who work the land where there are very weak or no cell phone signals, where shops are far and wide apart, where disposable income is limited and where agricultural support, extension services […] More

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    Agriculture is reviving in Zimbabwe: Take note of the ADMA Show in Harare

    More than 170 exhibitors are confirmed for the 2019 ADMA Agrishow, an annual exhibition in Harare focused on goods and services of particular interest to people and organisations in the agricultural sector. The show is hosted in Harare each year by the Agricultural Dealers and Manufacturers Association and this year’s event will take place from […] More

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    Staatsgreep in Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe se weermag het die mag oorgeneem in die land en president Robert Mugabe onder huisarres geplaas. Die Weermag het in televisieuitsendings ontken dat dit ‘n staatsgreep is en dit beskryf as ‘n “bloedlose oorgang”. Geweerskote en ontploffings is egter deur die nag in Harare gehoor en weermagtenks het die stad van vanoggend af beleër. […] More

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    Regering moet vinnig grensbeheer toepas

    TLU SA Noord het met kommer kennis geneem van die oënskynlike politieke onstabiliteit in Zimbabwe en gerugte van ‘n moontlike staatsgreep. “Die geskiedenis het reeds getoon dat waar daar so ’n onstabiele situasie ontstaan, talle inwoners die land wil verlaat in ’n poging om moontlike lewensverlies te voorkom. Dit kan dus ook nou gebeur, wat […] More

  • Karibadam

    Die Karibadam hou groot gevaar in

    Die Karibadam wat bekend gestaan het as “one of the engineering wonders of the world” kan moontlik as gevolg van krake ineenstort. Hierdie dam is in 1959 voltooi, is 128 meter hoog, 579 meter wyd en staan bekend as die wêreld se grootste mensgemaakte meer en water reservoir. Die dam is ook die grens tussen […] More