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    Effective water harvesting techniques: Part 1

    The farmer’s most important harvest – water A valuable, crucial asset for any farmer is water. Every drop of water should be coveted and fully utilised. The term ‘water harvesting’ generally refers to the collection of rainstorm-generated run-off from a particular area (a catchment) in order to provide water for human, animal, or crop use. […] More

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    Poultry farming Part 2: Planning

    In the Introduction to Poultry Farming in Issue 70 of ProAgri Zambia and Issue 26 of ProAgri BNZ, we discussed the advantages of such an enterprise, but also the problems you may encounter. Chickens will be a valuable and profitable addition to your existing smallscale farming, but you need a proper plan to ensure that […] More

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    Sheep farming made easy Part 9: Flock nutritional requirements

    As with people, sheep do not require specific feeds. They require energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre, and water. Many different feedstuffs can meet their nutritional requirements. Energy Energy makes up the largest portion of the diet and is usually the most limiting nutrient in sheep diets. Carbohydrates, fat, and excess protein in the diet all […] More

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    Water stress can put business models in jeopardy

    South Africa’s recent droughts are teaching businesses a life-changing lesson: we can no longer simply assume that clean water will always be available to keep operations running smoothly. According to Gert Nel, partner and principal hydrogeologist at SRK Consulting, responsible water management is becoming a cornerstone of any sustainable business model – with investors starting […] More

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    Grow more with less water with Agri600

    Article supplied Agri600, Dust and Water Management specialists South Africa, in collaboration with SNF Floerger France specializes in water chemistry, aim to assist the South African agricultural community in effective water management measures. As Agri600, the South African agricultural distributor for SNF Floerger France, we have done extensive trials to ensure that products are substantial […] More

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    A collaborative approach to the future of water in SA

    Kader Asmal put it so eloquently when he said, “Water runs through our every aspiration as a society.” It is essential to the health of our population, the socio-economic growth of our country and the basic human dignity of our people. Yet as South Africans, we become increasingly familiar with prolonged drought and are complacent […] More

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    Agri SA onderhandel suksesvol om landbou-water bekostigbaar te hou

    Agri SA verwelkom die beperkte verhogings in die voorgestelde rouwaterkoste vir die besproeiingsektor vir die 2020/21 finansiële jaar. Die rouwatertariewe vir die 2020/21 finansiële jaar is amptelik deur die Departement van Water en Sanitasie op 15 Mei 2020 gepubliseer. Na afloop van die sektor-spesifieke konsultasies in Pretoria op 7 Augustus 2019, het Agri SA gevra […] More

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    Waterverskaffing word nou gesentraliseer

    Die minister van Water en Sanitasie, Lindiwe Sisulu, het op 2 April 2020 aangekondig dat watertoewysing gesentraliseer sal word by ‘n Johannesburgse beheersentrum vir die duur van die COVID-19 inperking. “Ons het al ons water geneem en dit onder een beheersentrum geplaas by Rand Water in Johannesburg waarvandaan alle versoeke wat water betref, sal kom,” […] More

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    The ins and outs of legal water use by the RSA farmer

    by Hennie Schoeman, water rights consultant “DAM” is a short word but to BUILD it is something else, the wise old men used to say. But nowadays not only dam construction is complicated – it is also the negotiations to obtain the privilege to do so, together with all the accompanying legalities which have to […] More

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    Water contamination threatens already dwindling water resources

    “The water infrastructure in many South African towns and cities is already challenged, and pollution of rivers is a massive problem as sewage and other contaminants seep into ground and litter is washed into rivers from surrounding areas,” says Bubele Nyiba, CEO of ROSE. “Of the many sources of contamination that could end up making […] More

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    Make sure your water use complies with the limits of the law

    Water will be one of the major challenges to be faced by South Africans in the future. The National Water Act, Act 36 of 1998, determines that water in South Africa is a national resource and belongs to no one person or institution. Consequently you are only allowed to use water, even on your own […] More

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