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    Trust Vitamech and Väderstad for higher yield & profit

    Bigger demands are made on the farmer all the time and he has to produce more on the same land to break even. That is why grain farmers turn to science more and more to gain better bigger harvests. In recent years precision equipment had a huge influence on the industry. Every miniscule seed, every […] More

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    Tame the ill winds of the Rûens with MacDon’s wise windrower

    Wild winds bluster in regions such as the Overberg and, if not dealt with constructively, can cause farmers huge losses. The region is ideal for farming and lends itself to the production of wheat and canola. However, it is when the crops ripen that the wind blows nobody any good and whips the kernels from […] More

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    The Vitamech MacDon foils fierce winds . . . to ensure bumper crops

    Wild winds are not unusual in the domain of the Overberg. They hit farmers hard, searing their crops in the undulating Rûens countryside that is otherwise perfect for the cultivation of wheat and canola. With the stalks in the ripening stage the howling wind simply whips the grains from the wheat ears and pips from […] More

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    NAMPO: Vitamech maak dit nog lekkerder vir boere

    Min mense kan Vitamech, die staatmakerverskaffer van landbouwerktuie, se standplaas op NAMPO mis, omdat dit so lekker sentraal is. Vitamech se NAMPO-span is elke jaar baie tevrede met die belangstelling in hulle produkte en die voete deur hulle stalletjie. Maar alhoewel Vitamech se werktuie beslis iets vir die oog is, moes die span elke jaar […] More

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    Vitamech: The MacDon FlexDraper recovers your whole yield

    After Newton Young saw pictures and videos of the MacDon FlexDraper FD70 in action, he immediately knew that this header was the solution for his farm. WakaWaka Ranch is one of the veteran farms in the Mkushi farming block. 30 years ago, Newton Young began clearing the first bushes to prepare fields for planting. He […] More

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    NAMPO-nuus: Van grond tot geld

    In nog nuus oor NAMPO maak ons ‘n draai by Vitamech om kennis te maak met die Väderstad Carrier, ons vind uit hoe dit gaan met Pioneer se Weeg en wen-wedstryd en gesels met ABSA oor geldsake. Vitamech Die Väderstad Carrier 625, wat soos sy naam aandui 6,25 meter wyd is, bied aan die boer […] More