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    Avian influenza strain identified

    The initial outbreak of avian influenza H5 on a layer farm on the East Rand of Johannesburg has now been identified as HPAI H5N1. This is not the same strain that we experienced in June 2017, however any outbreak of HPAI is treated as extremely serious and virulent, and the poultry industry remains in a […] More

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    AVI Africa 2020 Poultry Conference cancelled

    As South Africa battens down the hatches to contain the spread of the global Covid-19 pandemic, a great many organisations face difficult decisions. It is impossible to predict what the outcomes and timelines of the pandemic will be, as things are changing daily. In the light of the uncertainty around travel and in consideration of […] More

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    SAPA welcomes the new import tariff on frozen chicken imports

    The South African Poultry Association (SAPA) has welcomed the announcement by the Minister of Trade Industry and Competition, Mr Ebrahim Patel, of the long-awaited tariff adjustment on imported chicken from a number of countries, including Brazil. The new tariffs published in the Government Gazette today present a measure of relief to SA’s local poultry production […] More

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    Coronavirus spreads through humans, not chicken

    The South African Poultry Association has noted with dismay the misleading messaging by the SABC Morning Live transmissions on the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) through the consumption of chicken and eggs. The disease spreads from human to human through droplet transmission. There is currently no evidence that eating cooked chicken or eggs can put one […] More

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    SAPA supports Namibia against dumping from Brazil

    The South African Poultry Association has noted with alarm that the insidious dumping of chicken from Brazil that plagues the local industry has also taken root in Namibia. It is increasingly clear that Southern Africa is now in the crosshairs of exporters looking for markets for the unwanted leg quarters that are the byproducts of […] More

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    Bad news for SA chicken as imports hit new high

    Chicken imports reached a new record high in 2018, according to an imports report drawn up by the South African Poultry Association (SAPA) and based on official SA Revenue Service statistics. Imports in 2018 totalled 538 434 tons, an increase on the previous record year 2016, when 528 108 tons of chicken reached this country. […] More

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    Izaak Breitenbach to head up SA Poultry’s broilers

    Businessman Izaak Breitenbach, a well-known figure in poultry and agricultural circles, has joined the South African Poultry Association as General Manager of the Broiler Organisation, taking over from Kevin Lovell who headed up the division for several years. An entrepreneur with extensive experience in the agricultural sector, including SAPA where he held several prior positions, […] More

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    The status of egg production in South Africa

    “In the second half of 2017, the egg industry experienced its worst disease outbreak, with highly pathogenic avian influenza type H5N8 arriving in SA with migratory wild birds.  4,7 million hens or approximately 20% of the national flock were culled under instruction of the state vet, with little compensation given to farmers affected. The cost to […] More

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    Listeriosis: SAPA concerned about imported chicken paste

    Reports about corruption and the evasion of food safety checks in the Brazilian meat and poultry industries are a continuing concern for South African consumers. The latest report is that the Brazilian police are investigating charges that top executives at Brazil’s major poultry exporter are alleged to have engaged in fraud to evade food safety […] More

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    Voёlgriep veroorsaak groot verliese

    Daar is ‘n afname in die produksie van eiers en hoenders in Suid-Afrika as gevolg van voёlgriep (Avian Influenza). Dit het veroorsaak dat SA op ingevoerde hoender moes staatmaak om aan die vraag te voldoen. SAPA (Suid-Afrikaanse Pluimvee-vereniging) sȇ die uitdunning van die voёls om die uitbraak van die virus te beheer het tot R954-miljoen […] More

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    Brasilië se hoenderboere moet ondersoek word

    Die Suid-Afrikaanse Pluimveevereniging (SAPA) is baie bekommerd oor die onlangse verslag wat die gruwelike werksomstandighede, wat aan slawe-arbeid grens, by sommige Brasiliaanse pluimveeprodusente identifiseer. Die Amerikaanse Instituut vir Landbou en Handelsbeleid sê slawerny is endemies tot die Brasiliaanse pluimveesektor. As die verslag reg is dui dit op onaanvaarbaare werkstoestande by geriewe wat baie hoendervleis aan […] More

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    Dr Charlotte Nkuna bestuur nou die pluimveevereniging

    Die pluimveebedryf in Suid-Afrika staar ‘n moeilike tydperk in die gesig. Daar is ernstige uitdagings soos voëlgriep en die impak van hoenderstorting op winsgewendheid en werksgeleenthede. “Soos ek oorneem as tussentydse hoofuitvoerende beampte van die Suid-Afrikaanse Pluimvee-vereniging (SAPA), is ek verheug deur die vasberadenheid van mense in die bedryf om die uitdagings te oorkom en […] More

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