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    Cattle farmers benefit from Reinke irrigation

    Irrigation is not only for grain farmers. Any cattle farmer can also benefit from it. Buying feed for animals can often be very expensive, and can negatively affect your profitability. Furthermore, the purchase of feed can expose the farmer to price fluctuations and variations in the quality of the feed. During severe droughts, there may […] More

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    Reinke makes farmers’ dreams come true

    “It has always been my father’s dream to set up a pivot on the farm,” says Johan Strydom of JDW Strydom Boerdery near Oyster Bay in the Eastern Cape. The Strydoms have been farming on the same farm, Welgelegen, since 1904. After thorough research, Johan Strydom decided to set up a six-tower Reinke centre pivot […] More

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    Reinke provides turn-key irrigation solutions for the farmer

    Efficiency is crucially important for any farmer. Therefore, all his equipment must deliver dependable, consistent results with minimal operational cost and low maintenance. This is why John Britz and Etienne Kemp opted for a Reinke irrigation system on the Grasslands Agriculture dairy farm near the Storms River in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. […] More

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    Produce higher yields on smaller fields with Reinke

    You do not need a big farm to turn a big profit. The latest agricultural technology allows farmers to make more profit on smaller farms. Reinke can supply the ideal solution to boost your profit on a field as small as two hectares. In November 2020 Schalk Barnard, farm manager of Castello Boerdery near Potchefstroom […] More

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    Irrigate 100% of your farm with a made-to-fit Reinke system

    A farmer has to exploit every patch land on his farm to the maximum. It is not part of a farmer’s character to waste anything, especially not something as valuable as power, water or land. Reinke agrees with the farmer and endeavour at all times to assist her/him to irrigate effectively and with cost-efficiency. Reinke […] More

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    Reinke Irrigation: The pivot that makes crops and farmers grow

    When choosing an irrigation system for his farm, the farmer should consider: • The most efficient, cost-effective design, • The quality of the components such as pumps and gearboxes • The overall cost per hectare • The availability and quality of after sales service This is according to Graeme Flower, Managing Director of Lomag Agri […] More

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    Produce profit on your pastures with Reinke Irrigation

    Irrigation is the gateway to unlocking Africa’s agricultural potential. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) published an article many years ago (1997) that estimated Africa to have the ability to increase agricultural production by 50% simply by investing in irrigation systems. Reinke has answered Africa’s need for irrigation by investing in the continent. The Reinke […] More

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    Reinke makes rain in the desert

    Namibia is known for its magnificent red dunes and pristine coastline. Normally, people associate the country with the fishing industry that is the economic heartbeat of many coastal villages. Livestock is one of Namibia’s main agricultural export products, despite the country being very arid. The challenge is to produce enough feed for the livestock industry […] More

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    Reinke: Don’t forget your midseason preventative maintenance

    It is important to make sure your pivot is operating in tiptop shape no matter what time of the year. Now that preseason preventative maintenance has come and gone, the next step is to identify what you should focus on during midseason. By following the midseason preventative maintenance checklist, you will be able to ensure […] More

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    No other centre pivot machine can beat the Reinke route

    The farm of every farmer poses its own, unique and daunting challenges. Many people may lose all hope in the face of heart-breaking problems, but not those who believe that, with available water and Reinke irrigation, no mountain is too difficult to climb and that, with minute planning, everything becomes possible. This is positively the […] More

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