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    Making profit from poultry: Part 9

    In this concluding article we summarise the whole poultry series published in the previous issues of ProAgri BNZ. Broiler and egg production are becoming increasingly popular among small-scale farmers. It is relatively easy to raise broilers and you do not need a lot of space. Chicken meat is also extremely popular throughout the world. It […] More

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    Making profit from poultry Part 7: Identify and prevent heat stress

    Summer has arrived in Southern Africa and the temperatures are soaring. This can lead to high levels of discomfort, not only for humans, but also for animals and poultry in particular. When temperatures are too high, poultry can suffer from a condition called heat stress. This can cause fatalities, reduced growth, and poor egg quality. […] More

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    Poultry production guide – Part 6: The correct steps in the slaughtering process

    A few steps need to be taken to get the chicken from the farm onto your plate. This process can make some people uncomfortable. The good news is that in modern abattoirs the utmost care is taken to ensure that the poultry is despatched in the most humane way possible, without causing the animals any […] More

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    Poultry production guide – Part 5: Process your poultry to boost your profit

    A farm is above all a business and should therefore be operated on sound business principles to be successful. In order to expand your poultry business to become a real poultry producer, you will need to focus on poultry processing. Processing, when done correctly, will enable you to market your product to an entirely new […] More

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    Making profit from poultry – Part 3: Commercial egg production

    The riddle of what came first, the chicken or the egg, is also applicable to poultry farming. Farmers can decide whether they would rather specialise in egg production or broiler production. Either way, you will need eggs to have chickens. Here are some options that the poultry farmer can use to best suit his needs […] More

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    Making profit from poultry – Part 2:

    Capital investment is needed for any business. It can often be very expensive with larger types of livestock, but it does not have to cost a lot of money to start your broiler business. Basic equipment can be bought or made from available material. Your ability to manage the broilers effectively will play the biggest […] More

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    Making profit from poultry Part 1:

    Broiler and egg production are becoming increasingly popular among small-scale farmers. It is relatively easy to raise broilers and you do not need a lot of space. The initial costs are also lower than for other forms of livestock farming, and it has a good return on investment. Chicks can be bought from chick breeders […] More

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    Minister Didiza hails the signing of the poultry master plan which aims to create more jobs

    Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister, Ms Thoko Didiza, MP has welcomed the signing of the Poultry Sector Master Plan during the 2nd inaugural South African Investment Conference in Johannesburg. The Minister believes that the plan will provide a framework for a determined effort to grow jobs in the industry through a number of […] More

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    Pig farming for profit: Wangwa hogs Agritech Show

    The first thing that visitors to the Agritech Show saw when they entered through the main gate, was a double storey crate with pigs. This was the Wangwa Farms stand. Wangwa Farms displayed a few of their best pig specimens to demonstrate their top genetics. “We are very well placed compared to last year and […] More

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    The South African agriculture industry is currently facing a silent crisis caused by the recent and significant increase of chicken imports into South Africa. Import volumes increased tenfold since 2009, from about 3,500 to 30,000 tonnes per month. This unchecked influx arises from the North American and European markets’ preference for white meat, resulting in […] More

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    Duty on EU chicken 'too little, too late' for local poultry industry

    The South African commercial poultry sector has expressed its overwhelming disappointment at ITAC’s recently announced “shocking” 13,9% increase in duty for poultry from the EU, which up to now, has been entering the country duty-free. Marthinus Stander, CEO of Country Bird, says ITAC’s original essential facts letter agreed with the local industry’s claim of severe […] More

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    Emulating mother hen: An analysis of common brooding practices- Part 3: Ventilation and temperature assessment

    Dr Oscar Blanco (BVSc, PhD) Last month we looked at measures to create the perfect temperature environment for our chicks. This month we discuss the second-last part of the series, namely ventilation, curtain management and the benefits of temperature record keeping. What about ventilation? A factor also affecting temperature control in chicken houses is ventilation. […] More

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