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    Reinke pivot remains reliable after almost 40 years

    Money is something that cannot be squandered left and right. Every penny a farmer spends on equipment has to work for him – preferably years and years and years and years. After all, a farmer works hard for his money, so it is reasonable to expect his money to work hard for him as well. […] More

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    Reinke Irrigation: The pivot that makes crops and farmers grow

    When choosing an irrigation system for his farm, the farmer should consider: • The most efficient, cost-effective design, • The quality of the components such as pumps and gearboxes • The overall cost per hectare • The availability and quality of after sales service This is according to Graeme Flower, Managing Director of Lomag Agri […] More

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    Reinke: Don’t forget your midseason preventative maintenance

    It is important to make sure your pivot is operating in tiptop shape no matter what time of the year. Now that preseason preventative maintenance has come and gone, the next step is to identify what you should focus on during midseason. By following the midseason preventative maintenance checklist, you will be able to ensure […] More

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    Reinke says: Pivot beats drip system

    Mechanised irrigation systems are the leading method of crop irrigation in many agricultural areas around the world. Mechanised irrigation systems are steadily replacing traditional flood irrigation and other types of sprinklers, as well as subsurface drip irrigation (SDI). Irrigation conversions are often made to cut down on farm labour costs but, as an added benefit, […] More

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    Agrico offers precise irrigation, effortlessly

    By Salim Dawood, ProAgri Zambia Time is money. If you irrigate hundreds of hectares, frequent trips to and from pivots to manually switch them on and off, change their direction or regulate their water application, can take a lot of costly time and effort. Philip Nicolle and his team at Kakulu Farms located in Kapiri […] More

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    Reinke offers solutions for Africa: Meet the new Engine Driven Mini Pivot

    The pivot still reigns as king in the irrigation world, but limited access to a reliable power supply, or expensive electricity and inadequate water pressure often prevent farmers from taking this huge step forward. With Reinke’s new Engine Driven Mini Pivot (EDMP) an extensive farmer can now choose the best spot on his farm to […] More

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    Water-driven Senter 360 nip cable thief plans in the bud

    Cable theft is a problem facing every farmer. Apart from the high cost of replacing a stolen cable, it is accompanied by production loss and unnecessary labour costs as the labour could have been used productively elsewhere. However, Senter 360 made a plan to prevent theft of irrigation electric cables: Using a water-propelled centre pivot […] More

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    Control your irrigation from anywhere in the world with Agrico

    I can be anywhere in the world and still know exactly what is going on with my Agrico pivot… and I can even control it from my phone,” says Clint Bruyns from Kapinga Enterprises near Mazabuka. ProAgri visited Clint on the farm Oklahoma which is being developed to produce sugar cane for the company’s sugar […] More

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    40-year old Zimmatic still going strong

    More than value for money – that is what a Zimmatic pivot offers the farmer; not only because of its efficiency, but also because of its durability. In October 1978, Guillaume de Swardt, maize and wheat farmer from Taaiboschpoort close to Petrusville in South Africa, bought the second Zimmatic sold in South Africa. Nowadays, Guillaume […] More

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    Pivot control becomes remote control

    Better management, improved time utilisation and better use of technology are imperative for meeting the escalating challenges of modern farming. One of the means that can help the farmer to extend his attention to more areas on the farm and to manage the whole operation more accurately, is remote data communication. This technology is being […] More