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    Careful ewe feeding: The key to successful lamb production

    Any sheep farmer will agree that when production is effective, profitability on the farm will improve. The best way to maintain income is to focus on the development and growth of the offspring. In sheep production, farmers have to invest a lot of effort to secure the nutrition of the ewe, as it is one […] More

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    Optimising milk production with NovaMilk 35

    by Mulele Nakweti To get the best results on a dairy farm, a farmer must pay extra attention to the nutritional needs of a dairy herd. It is, therefore, important to provide the animals with a balanced feed in order to achieve higher milk production. Dairy cattle are ruminants and have the ability to utilise […] More

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    Fatten your beef cattle with Novatek Feedlot 85

    The purpose of a cattle feedlot is to fatten cattle for slaughter, and the quicker and more economical the cattle are fattened, the more successful the feedlot. Cattle farmers have to feed a well-balanced diet to realise good profits. In practice, there are generally two feeding systems to choose from when a farmer is considering […] More

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    Useful tips from Novatek: First in first out. The proper way to store your feed

    Proper aquafeed management practices, including transport, handling, and storage practices, are essential to any profitable aquaculture farm. These practices are essential to help maintain nutrient quality from feed supplier to pond in order to prevent wastage in the form of spoilage or physical damage, which can be costly to the fish farmer. Apart from physical […] More

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    Reduce ruminant weight loss with Novatek Winter 100

    by Mulele Nakweti With the onset of the dry season, grass and other vegetation become dry and scarce in Zambia. As a result, it is not easy for cattle farmers to keep their animals in a good condition. Cattle, which are ruminants, can utilise roughage as a source of food. Unlike monogastric animals (chickens and […] More

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    Novatek: Practice efficient feeding on broiler farms

    by Naomi Musonda On any broiler farm, feed efficiency plays an important role when farmers want to become more profitable. Broiler farmers can make use of the feed conversion ratio (FCR), as a benchmark of productivity, to help them realising their long-term financial goals. M any factors affect the FCR. Two examples are management and […] More

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    Quality is the hallmark of Novatek products

    by Salim Dawood Nestled in the tiny corner of the famous Zambeef Farm measuring thousands of hectares on the outskirts of Mpongwe in the Copperbelt, a massive feed plant is raising above the trees. Here, Novatek is producing sumptuous feeds for millions of livestock in the entire northern region of Zambia. Commissioned only three years […] More

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    Useful tips from Novatek: Pond preparation − a key element to tilapia farms

    Is your pond producing less than it should? Well, one of the common causes can be insufficient nutrients to support fish growth, especially in semi-intensive and extensive pond systems. Pond preparation is a key element in any pond production system. Pond preparation involves liming and fertilisation to provide an ideal environment for tilapia to grow. […] More

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    Biosecurity on layer farms: Good management practices make good profits

    by Olipa Lumponge, Sales Manager, Novatek Animal Feeds Have you ever wondered why some layer farms are disease-free and yet they have been rearing chickens for some years? Well, it is not by luck but by good management practices. Good management practices entail a cocktail of dos and don’ts. Under this umbrella falls biosecurity measures. […] More

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    Novatek: Reduce costs and increase growth with phase feeding

    Feed for your needs is the golden rule of phase feeding. Phase feeding is a term used to describe the practice of feeding different diets over shorter periods to meet the nutrient requirements of your animals more accurately. Due to an increase in raw material costs over the years, there is an increased focus on […] More

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    Useful tips from Novatek: Aspects to consider when moving dairy cows

    by Wiehan Visagie Have you ever wondered how many friends your dairy cow can make? Is it even possible, you may think. According to the latest research, a cow is more than capable of forming new relationships. As part of their investigation of biosecurity on a farm, the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine […] More

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    Balancing act of pig nutrition

    by Marné Visagie Proper nutrition is at the core of a successful pig farm. When we tune in on the nutritional aspect of feed, it will have a positive effect on sow quality and help us to produce high-quality piglets. Better piglets will then help our business to reach its maximum potential. Gilt nutrition The […] More

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