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    Useful tips from Novatek: Aspects to consider when moving dairy cows

    by Wiehan Visagie Have you ever wondered how many friends your dairy cow can make? Is it even possible, you may think. According to the latest research, a cow is more than capable of forming new relationships. As part of their investigation of biosecurity on a farm, the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine […] More

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    Balancing act of pig nutrition

    by Marné Visagie Proper nutrition is at the core of a successful pig farm. When we tune in on the nutritional aspect of feed, it will have a positive effect on sow quality and help us to produce high-quality piglets. Better piglets will then help our business to reach its maximum potential. Gilt nutrition The […] More

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    Understanding the immune system of your fish

    by Wiehan Visagie The past several years have seen remarkable development in the area of fish immunology. Worldwide, fish culture is on the rise, with the treatment of fish diseases becoming increasingly important. Thus, aided by industry, farmers are constantly trying to improve their understanding of these complex vertebrates’ complicated immune systems and the fundamental […] More

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    Novatek ensures quality behind the scene

    by Wilson Kasongo en Bruce Chama The animal feed industry is now, more than ever, focusing on good manufacturing practices. Therefore, the sourcing of high quality and safe raw materials is becoming ever so important. At Novatek Animal Feeds, the procurement and technical team ensures that all raw materials and ingredients sourced for feed production […] More

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    Calf growth: the influence of odorants and taste buds

    by Wiehan Visagie Recently, animal nutritionists have been busy acquiring new information on farm animals’ senses of smell and taste. Whether it is chickens, pigs, goats, or cows, we know very little about the way in which their smell systems work. Although numerous studies of olfaction indicate the importance of smell to the animal, we […] More

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    Get the taste of success with Novatek: When only the best is good enough

    Willa Vorster is the type of dairy manager who believes in hands-on management. So hands-on that he will actually eat some of the calves’ feed pellets to taste if it is good enough for his babies! “At some stage the calves were not eating well despite the most carefully worked out nutritional rations, so I […] More

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    ISO 22 000 ensures safer and better feed

    by Chewe Alphonsis Shinina Over the last decade, with the expansion of customer awareness, rights and overall high customer expectation, product quality has become ever more important.  Novatek Animal Feeds is also well known for its high-quality feed products regionally as well as in other parts of Africa.  Although we have several competitors, Novatek continues […] More

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    Novatek: Rainy season syndrome

    by Wiehan Visagie Broiler farmers in Africa will agree that the constant change in weather conditions affects farm production. As the continent’s climate transforms, it alters rainfall patterns, the ambient temperature, and even the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Broiler farming depends on suitable climatic conditions such as humidity and temperature. However, over […] More

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    Aerators in fish farming; a new trend in aquaculture systems

    by Kanyembo Robert Aquaculture in history Aquaculture, which is the growing of aquatic organisms and plants, was first coined in China before BCE 1 000. The Zhou dynasty that ruled China from 1 112 to 221 BCE and the then described as a politician, Fan Li (BCE 500), cultivated carp (Cyprinus carpio) in freshwater for […] More

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    Principles of Crocodile Feeding

    by Marné Meyer The crocodile industry moved from home mixing of feed to commercially manufactured feed in the recent past. Manufactured feed holds many benefits for the farmer including consistent feed quality, lower feed costs as well as reduced transport costs. There has been little research done on crocodile feeding, thus alligator research was used […] More

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    Novatek on piggeries: Improve animal health to improve profits

    by Wiehan Visagie Pig farming is becoming increasingly popular in Zambia and can be a profitable business. As any pig farmer knows, the long-term success of the farm depends on the pigs multiplying and being able to reach the desired slaughter weight as efficiently as possible. A breeding sow can produce up to twenty-four piglets […] More

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