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    John Deere Implemente staan sterk na 60 jaar se goeie diens

    Die gewilde John Deere Implemente (JDI) was ՚n groot treffer by NAMPO Kaap. Die besturende direkteur, Emilius Tomlinson, verduidelik hoe die maatskappy gegroei het: “Dit is die oudste aaneenlopende John Deere-agent in die land. Ons bestaan al sedert 1960 toe my pa en my oom, Simon en Lindenberg Tomlinson, die maatskappy in Swellendam gestig het.” […] More

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    John Deere-boere oes groot in Weeg en Wen

    ’n Boer is ’n saadkenner, ’n grondontleder, ’n werktuigkundige, ’n elektroniese-kommunikasiekundige, ’n rekenmeester, ’n bemarker en ’n versorger van almal in sy kraal. Waarom sal ’n boer enigiets minder van sy landboumaatskappye verwag?  By die Pioneer Weeg en Wentoekenningsgeleentheid het Tony Esmeraldo, sakedirekteur van Corteva Agriscience SA, verduidelik waarom internasionale landboumaatskappye mekaar deesdae uitkoop en […] More

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    Grow a crop and improve quality with made-to-fit John Deere sprayers

    Spray concentrate is expensive; diesel fuel is expensive; labour is expensive; time is expensive. No farmer can afford to let a sprayer move to and fro in an orchard or vineyard if it will not control pests and plagues with maximum effectiveness. That is why the wise farmer buys the correct spray and sprays it […] More

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    Harvest crop and data with the John Deere S700 combine series

    John Deere’s innovations and new products seem to have no end. The S700 series is the latest in their harvester combine division and the knife-edge technology incorporated in the machines leaves one open-mouthed . . . until the next more advanced model leaves the factory! The John Deere marketing team simultaneously go out of their […] More

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    John Deere & Corteva join forces for hi-tech farming

    The days of enlarging and extending new agricultural land in developed countries are over – there is just not enough available land and political pressure from the environmentalists will ensure that expansion will be a rare occurrence in future. On the other hand the problem of developing countries, such as those on the African continent, […] More

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    A new John Deere face, vision and technology at NAMPO

    With John Deere as your agricultural partner, you can dream big. John Deere’s brand new image at this year’s NAMPO Show, with a neat canopy over their exhibit and a bigger clothes and toy shop, also mirrored their new vision, summarised in the words: Believe in greater. With sayings such as believe in opportunities and […] More

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    Corteva Agriscience en John Deere belê in tegnologie-oplossings

    Corteva Agriscience™ en John Deere, die wêreld se grootste vervaardiger en verskaffer van toerusting, het 11 Junie 2019 met ‘n drie-dag bemarkingsberaad begin waar hulle hul tegnologie-oplossings en gereedskap aangebied het om waarde aan boere en gemeenskappe in Afrika te lewer. “Terwyl die wêreldbevolking steeds groei, is die tegnologie wat ons uitstal noodsaaklik om die […] More

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    Every farmer covets a John Deere (since long ago)

    Farmers all over the world have one thing in common: When they hear the name John Deere they know the name deserves respect and most of them experience a tingling of desire. And no wonder, because John Deere has left its mark all over the world in top quality agricultural farming and food production. It […] More

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    John Deere employs contractor model to help Kenya’s smallholder farmers mechanise

    John Deere is introducing a new contractor model to enable smallholder farmers in Kenya to gain access to agricultural machinery such as tractors and tillage equipment, thereby allowing them to boost yields, enhance food security and add to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. Instead of trying to sell tractors to every smallholder […] More

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    John Deere: It is all about the people out there

    It is people who eat the food produced by the farmers. It is people who buy and sell the equipment. And it is the John Deere people who make a difference and ensure that green remains the colour of quality and good service in the world of agriculture. Eddie Schüler – Business Development Officer of […] More

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    John Deere Technician of the Year: ‘My blood is green’

    “I care for my ‘things’ because I worked hard to get them,” says Johann Smith of Mispa Boerdery near Bethlehem. Among his “things” are 21 big John Deere machines and a comprehensive variety of valuable miniature collection pieces and toys. “My blood is green,” says Johan, “because John Deere is the leader in agricultural technology, […] More

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    John Deere rewards staff for service excellence

    “Never make an excuse for your success,” was the advice given by Jacques Taylor, managing director, John Deere South Africa, to this year’s victorious team at the annual John Deere prize giving. The annual gala occasion was first held a number of years ago to acknowledge the firm’s top technicians who have to provide technical […] More

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