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    Reinke pivot remains reliable after almost 40 years

    Money is something that cannot be squandered left and right. Every penny a farmer spends on equipment has to work for him – preferably years and years and years and years. After all, a farmer works hard for his money, so it is reasonable to expect his money to work hard for him as well. […] More

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    Reinke provides turn-key irrigation solutions for the farmer

    Efficiency is crucially important for any farmer. Therefore, all his equipment must deliver dependable, consistent results with minimal operational cost and low maintenance. This is why John Britz and Etienne Kemp opted for a Reinke irrigation system on the Grasslands Agriculture dairy farm near the Storms River in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. […] More

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    Irrigation made easy – Part 11: Sprinkler irrigation

    Sprinkler irrigation is the most common form of mechanised irrigation. Water is normally supplied to the sprinkler under pressure. The term “sprinkler” includes a wide variety of spray systems, from small orifice sprayers to large high-pressure rain-guns. When discussing agricultural irrigation in this article, “sprinkler” refers only to small rotary sprayers that operate at medium […] More

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    Valley’s solar solutions can make your farm shine!

    Irrigation has many benefits, but it needs electricity to function efficiently. Electricity supply is often unreliable, and in some rural parts of Africa there is simply no electricity. Irrigation has therefore not been possible for the farmers in these remote regions. Valley irrigation realised the need for electrical supply solutions for these farmers and can […] More

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    Irrigation Unlimited: Choose an irrigation system to fit your farm

    The most important party in the farming industry is the farmer, therefore his interests should always be placed first. This is the conviction of Irrigation Unlimited’s people. Dirk van Zuydam from Weenen in the Natal Province of the RSA was looking for an irrigation solution suited to the needs of his farm and for which […] More

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    Invest in a Valley irrigation system and ‘grow’ your farm

    If a centre pivot irrigation machine is well-designed, made from high quality steel, and properly maintained, it will outlast the farmer. All these are characteristics are made available to farmers by Valley centre pivots. A Valley irrigation system makes it possible for the farmer to harvest a bumper crop year after year. Hannes Schutte of […] More

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    Irrigation made easy – Part 10: Land preparation for flood irrigation

    All flood irrigation systems require intensive and accurate preparation of the land prior to planting. Accurate levelling of the fields is essential. On larger basin and flood irrigation systems, this can only be achieved using a laser-controlled levelling apparatus. This type of land treatment is expensive and generally not available to remotely situated small-scale farmers. […] More

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    Irrigation made easy part 8: Irrigation efficiency

    Irrigation efficiency is a term used to describe how much of the water applied through an irrigation system gets stored in the soil within the root zone of the plant and becomes available to the plant. Efficiency is determined by: • How well water is distributed across the irrigated area. • The effectiveness of scheduling […] More

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    Stretch water and reduce costs with Agrico

    A desperate water shortage handicapped Beerseun Farm’s irrigation operations outside Tzaneen in the northern part of South Africa up to a year ago. But it took a dramatic positive turn when they employed the best technology and equipment they could lay their hands on, to get the maximum out of the water at their disposal. […] More

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    Valley remains at the leading edge of irrigation: Gain full control over your pivots with Valley’s 365™ platform

    Various reasons convince farmers all over the world to choose Valley for pivot irrigation. After all, Valley offers the best water utilisation, and enables the farmer to accurately control his pivots from any spot on earth. “Valley pivots stand firmly, because they are designed and built to withstand high wind speeds,” says Francois Griesel, Valley’s […] More

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    Talbert is the farmer’s irrigation ally

    A centre pivot is supposed to ease the workload of a farmer and not add to the problems that farmers need to deal with every day. This means that the provider is as important as the centre pivot itself. Talbert centre pivots were developed 28 years ago on the farm, and were designed and manufactured […] More

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    Irrigation made easy – part 6: Scheduling of water usage

    It is crucial to irrigate your crops on a daily basis to keep the upper zone of the soil wet. This is the region where the roots will not have to work hard to suck up water to the plant, where it enables all the chemical growth processes to occur. Productive plant growth will largely […] More

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