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    Fight the pests on your farm with crystal technology

    Promotional article “You cannot see the frequencies but you can see the result,” says Arno Vlok of the farm Welgevonden just outside Riebeeck-Kasteel in the Western Cape. Arno grows table grapes and stone-fruit almost adjacent to the town. “It is natural to have problems with all kinds of pests and plagues such as mealybug, snails, […] More

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    Avoid poison for farm pests — crystal technology does it all

    “Why would I use poison if natural frequencies do the job better?” asks Arno Vlok of the farm Welgevonden at Riebeeck-Kasteel, a grower of nectarines, grapes and other fruit. “We make use of frequencies to control fungi, snails and birds. My neighbours have problems with plenty of snails, but on my farm there is just […] More

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    Ban big (jackal) and small (flies) with Crystal Technology

    “When you slaughter a sheep, when you make biltong, or when you prepare your meat for the day’s cooking and you are not pestered by flies, you suddenly realise that something mysterious is at work,” says Flippie Hoffman, who farms about 175 km southeast of Windhoek in Namibia. This “mystery” is the result of the […] More