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    Versatile Bonnox works on a versatile farm

    Bonnox is rightly a famous and respected brand on farms all over Southern Africa. Just like Bonnox, Jasmyn Farm and Farmstall at Hartbeespoort Dam near Pretoria in South Africa is a coveted household name. This versatile enterprise manages to produce nearly all the agricultural products for their farmers market and restaurant in town on a […] More

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    Efficient Bonnox fencing is also a lifestyle choice

    Desmond Green prefers the quiet of farm life in spite of being a well-off businessman. When he moved from Botswana he decided to raise his children in the tranquil rural Western Cape setting near Worcester. One of the most important decisions he had to make, was how to fence his property. Desmond en and his […] More

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    Plantation farmers depend on Bonnox

    Crops that take 25 years before they can be harvested have a long period of vulnerability and should therefore be properly protected. If this product is as valuable as timber, the plantation farmer must have extra eyes in the back of his head to ensure that he will gain a proper harvest… or he can […] More

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    Experts prefer Bonnox as their first line of defence

    Game poaching is an enormous problem in the Lowveld and a large portion of a game farmer’s security expenditure goes towards his first line of defence – the fence around his farm. The well-known Mabalel game farm and resort east of Nelspruit, directly next to the N4, has had to deal with its quota game […] More

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    Bonnox keep animals in and out – neat, quick and effective

    Speed and efficiency – two factors worth their weight in gold on any modern farm. Bonnox fencing is an excellent example of an efficient time-saving solution for many farmers. Farmers widely acknowledge that Bonnox provides in all the fencing requirements of the modern farmer and his/her farm. Peter Thomas and his son, Tyrone, farm close […] More

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    Bonnox Ringlok® fencing excels over hills and dales

    If you believe that everything has to be fenced safely in its own domain, Bonnox is the fence that will do it for you. Kobus Pretorius and his wife, Erna, gave up their town existence for Panbult, their own piece of paradise – a smallholding in the plantations near Amsterdam on the Eastern Highveld in […] More

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    Erect a fence in a jiffy with Bonnox

    Nowadays, the condition of a farmer’s fence is equally important to that of his sheep. Therefore, Johan Venter, part-time sheep farmer and broker from Middelburg, quickly erected a fence on his farm. “Two years ago, we acquired the 40 hectares of land for the purpose of erecting a factory to manufacture safety doors, but I […] More

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    Span tjop-tjop ’n heining met Bonnox

    Die toestand van ’n boer se heining is vandag net so belangrik as sy skape, daarom het Johan Venter, ’n deeltydse skaapboer en makelaar van Middelburg, tjop-tjop ’n Bonnox-heining op sy plaas gespan. “Ons het twee jaar gelede die 40 hektaar grond bekom en die eintlike doel was om ’n fabriek op te rig waar […] More

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    Erect Bonnox like this: Eleven steps to success

     Order from the friendly people at Bonnox, because then you will get genuine Bonnox fencing, and they will help you to obtain the correct posts, binding wire and tools to do the job. Measure your fence in sections of 98 metres to provide for tying the ends to the post and put up a plumb […] More

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    Bonnox has a fence for every need

    A properly fenced off farm is a secure and organised farm. The same applies to smallholder farmers, since they experience the same challenges as larger farmers. Jacques Pretorius is a smallholder farmer near Potchefstroom in the North West province of South Africa, who swopped his truck for a flock of sheep. “I was in the […] More

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    Protect your retirement fund with Bonnox

    You don’t play around with your retirement fund and thou shalt not play around with the fencing for your valuable game. When these are both part of the same scheme, you have to choose Bonnox. Dutch Gibson, a farmer in Chisamba, decided to develop 120 ha of land into an upmarket resident game farm which […] More

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