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    ProAgri BNZ 17

    There is nothing like a rolling African thunderstorm sweeping overhectares of farmland. The rains bring life with it and revitalises the soil, and often the farmers as well. After years of drought some areas of Southern Africa received their first rain in the first months of 2021. Most of these farmers can now experience some […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 16

    The new year has finally arrived and hopefully everybody is well rested after the holidays. The farmers have planted their summer crops and are looking forward to a good harvest this season. In 2020 ProAgri also planted seeds that we shall be harvesting in 2021. During the difficult times we persevered and kept our magazines […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 15

    The year 2020 is drawing to a close. It will probably be remembered in history as the year that we were forced to adapt to a new way of interacting with one another. The year of global lockdown, masks, sanitizer and social distancing. Many were affected by the adverse circumstances that dominated this year, but […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 13

    The emerging farmer is the future of agriculture in Africa. This is evident due to the fact that the emerging farmers and small-scale farmers represent the largest segment in the African agricultural industry. These young people have a passion for agriculture and an entrepreneurial spirit that drives them. Like any other business, they have to […] More

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    BNZ 12

    It has been exactly twelve months since the first ProAgri BNZ saw the light in September of 2019. We are officially one year old. The magazine is still in its infancy compared to ProAgri Media that celebrated its 25th year in August this year. What a year it has been! The agricultural industry of Southern […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 10

    While grain farmers are working hard to get their yields into the silos, we at ProAgri BNZ have also been busy to bring you the latest technological news in the agricultural industry. Apart from our usual article series on best practices in various farming branches, we also showcase a multitude of products and services within […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 08

    As the world and Southern Africa are still gripped in the COVID-19 pandemic, people are realising the need for some form of normality to return. Southern Africa is expected to move to less restrictive measures in order for the economy to regain momentum. Borders can be crossed provided that you have the correct permits.    In […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 07

    COVID-19: Can agriculture help with a cure?  The medical industry is scrambling to develop a vaccine for COVID-19. They are under severe pressure and are fighting against time because the death toll rises and the whole world is looking at them with desperation.  It is extremely difficult to develop a new vaccine for a novel […] More

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    ProAgri BNZ 02

    The Botswana elections came and went without a stint of unrest. The Batswana should really be proud of the example they set to the rest of the continent. The BDP (Botswana Democratic Party) achieved a runaway victory, with two thirds of the seats in their pocket. This achievement, which was even bigger than in the […] More