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    Biosecurity is the only defence against African Swine Fever

    As the rest of South Africa fights the disastrous Coronavirus, in the Eastern Cape, farmers and government officials are also currently battling with the African swine fever outbreak, which if left uncontrolled can spread throughout the rest of the country laying waste to hundreds of thousands of pigs, says Elizna Erasmus, Ruminant and Biosecurity Specialist […] More

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    Biosecurity on layer farms: Good management practices make good profits

    by Olipa Lumponge, Sales Manager, Novatek Animal Feeds Have you ever wondered why some layer farms are disease-free and yet they have been rearing chickens for some years? Well, it is not by luck but by good management practices. Good management practices entail a cocktail of dos and don’ts. Under this umbrella falls biosecurity measures. […] More