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    A cattle breed you can count on: African farmers opt for Boran

    The Boran is a pure African breed dating back 1 300 years and unrelated to any other African or European cattle breed. The genetic composition of the Boran is unique, making it your best choice for cross-breeding: European Bos Taurus 24% Bos Indicus 64% African Bos Taurus 12% Boran cows have very good udders with […] More

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    Fertilisers can help African farmer’s battle climate change

    Ten years ago, a group of 53 African ministers of agriculture met in Abuja, Nigeria to discuss what they referred to as “Africa’s fertiliser crisis”. They shared their collective observations on the state of the continent’s agricultural production systems at the time, agreeing unanimously that “bold and urgent action” would be needed if the sector […] More

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    'Less choice for African farmers' after Bayer's Monsanto takeover

    A $66 billion merger deal between German chemical giant Bayer and US seeds firm Monsanto could result into the world’s largest agribusiness. But what does it mean for African farmers where Monsanto is also active? Many experts say that Bayer’s takeover of Monsanto may lead to a global monopoly in the production of agricultural supplies. […] More