Spray and spread like a king with Kempston Agri’s Imperador 3.0

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Kempston Agri keeps a finger on the pulse of South African market and agricultural trends, therefore they know well in advance what our farmers need. This fact is supported by the latest addition to their range – a brand new type of implement launched by Stara in Brazil at the beginning of the year, enabling farmers to spray and spread with the same machine.

The Imperador 3.0 is a self-propelled combination sprayer/spreader that can replace four implements on a farm! What’s more, Kempston Agri sold the first machine outside South America in South Africa.

“The Brazilian farmers motivated us to build the Imperador 3.0,” Stara’s Sales Representative in Africa, Cleber Wollmann, said. “We have also had the problem of youngsters leaving the farms to take up comfortable office jobs in the city. However, the Imperador 3.0 offers the young farmer an air conditioner, comfortable cabin, GPS and computer technology, which he can only dream of in his office.”

The Imperador 3.0 was developed from the previous Imperador sprayer model and the Hercules fertiliser spreader, and is in fact a combination of the best features of the two. With this sprayer-spreader, the driver is able to change gears while the machine is in motion to ensure uninterrupted application. This is supported by smooth communication between the various components. To ensure this, Stara installed the tried and tested Topper 5500 control system that can send messages with Stara’s ‘Telemetry’ system to each sensor with only the touch of a finger.

The Imperador 3.0’s boom length and spreading width are both 27 meters so that the same tracks can be followed for both processes. Stara placed the boom exactly in the middle of the implement. This means that the boom is always at the most stable point when the sprayer must travel over uneven terrain. To ensure further stability, the machine is designed so that the weight distribution on either side of the boom is exactly 50/50 when spraying and 44% on the front and 56% at the back when spreading.

The sprayers face to the front so that you can see what they are doing from the cabin. The sprayer tank contains 2 400 litres and the fertiliser tank can hold 3 000 kg. The Imperador boasts, inter alia, with mapping, auto steer, bluetooth, hands free, air conditioning and section control.

“We could choose from many other sprayers in the world, but when I visited the Stara factory in 2015, the quality, the outstanding workmanship and the conscientiousness so typically pertaining to a family business struck me,” said Michael Howell, Sales Manager of Kempston Agri. “The modern technology in the machine also fits into Kempston Agri’s product choices.”

Trailblazer farmers can e-mail or or call 043-703-3100 to find out more about Kempston Agri’s products.

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