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Spoil livestock for performance – mix with Rumax

Carlo Nortjé of Loxton says his Rumax concentrate mixer lowered his cost for licks from R1,50 per ewe per day to R1,15 per ewe per day, which is good business in any language.

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The old adage of “You are what you eat” is certainly true when it comes to farming livestock. That is why animals feeding on rations mixed in a Rumax feed mixer simply means more profit in the farmer’s pocket.

Rumax feed and concentrate mixers earns twice for the farmer – through savings and their efficiency.

Save with Rumax

• Rumax products are manufactured in South Africa isolating prices against the vagaries of a weak Rand and high import tariffs;

• Rumax is built to last, resulting in savings on repair and maintenance costs;

• Rumax mixes fast, efficiently and easy, thus requiring less tractor hours and a shorter period of time to mix rations, resulting in time and diesel savings; and

• Exact mixing in Rumax mixers ensures that every gram of feed and nutritional value ends where it generates profit for the farmer. Elimination of mistakes and wastage saves money for the farmer.

At the end of the day Rumax earns money for the farmer because every gram of feed ingested by his animals contains everything required to stimulate the best possible growth and production.

Concentrate mixers

Concentrates are expensive and come in small quantities. If it is not mixed properly and evenly in the ration, it may result in only one animal ingesting most of what should be shared by all the animals, making a joke of the farmer’s intentions. By using a Rumax concentrate feed mixer, this cannot happen – the smallest quantity is mixed homogeneously into the full ration, thus ensuring that every animal gets an even share and can utilise it to earn profit for the farmer.

Carlo Nortjé, a Loxton sheep farmer, says: “Calculated solely in terms of time I have already paid half of the purchase price of the Rumax concentrate mixer. Furthermore the lick is now of a uniform mix, resulting in sheep needing less in volume.”

Previously Carlo’s labourers had to mix licks with spades similar to mixing cement, and Carlo had to keep a keen an eye on things to ensure a proper mix. Before the mechanical Rumax concentrate mixer Carlo could only dream of efficiently mixing a ton of lick in less than 20 minutes – with Rumax dreams became reality.

Carlo calculated that, in the first seven months after employing the Rumax mixer, he has saved 22 days of his own time. This means that he, merely in terms of time saving, lowered the lick cost per ewe from R1,50 per day to R1,15 and in the process increased production – excellent business in any language.

Carlo is also impressed with the low tractor power input required to run the mixer, which means a further cost saving. Rumax manufactures a series of concentrate mixers with capacities of 0,5, 1,0, 1,5 en 2 tons.

Two mixing augers with 80 serrated and tempered steel cutting blades ensures that the Rumax 7 will provide your animals with properly cut and mixed rations.

Rumax feed mixers

Rumax feed mixers are available in various models to suit the needs of any farming enterprise. Capacities range between 5, 7, 9 and 15 cubic metres. One of the most popular and affordable mixers is the hard-working Rumax 7.

This model has two mixer augers in its innards operating together, simultaneously shredding and mixing a ton of fodder quickly. Eighty tempered steel serrated blades contribute to complete the mixing cycle in merely five minutes.

The Rumax 7 can be operated with a tractor and unloads with a hydraulic chain conveyor or auger. However, it can also be used when static driven with an electric motor. The scale operates easily and is accurate.

Carlo says: “The Rumax 7 is sold at an affordable price. I’ve made a proper evaluation of the Rumax products and saw expert craftsmanship – it would be difficult to break their machines. A bonus is the fact that their personnel are friendly and they provide excellent service.”

If you also want to treat your livestock and enhance performance, talk to Jaco Pieters of Rumax on (cellphone) 082-335-3970 or landline 023-342-6070. You can also send an email to or visit on the internet to view the outstanding Rumax product series. Visit us at NAMPO – Exhibit: E22 b.

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