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Some dream but Kanna makes farmers’ dreams come true

With the electric JOLT motorcycle you can ride at 80 km/h for 80 km before a battery recharge . . . without polluting the environment with noise or having starting problems.

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Everything farming aid manufactured by Kanna Industries is aimed at making the life of the farmer easier, give him more profit and the assurance that, after a transaction, Kanna keeps contact with the client to find out how the implements perform and how to make them perform better.

An example is the Kanna sheep conveyor belt which makes dosing, crutching and scanning of sheep a cinch. It has now been made even more user-friendly by adding a crank in the axle. This makes it possible to lift the implement when towed behind a tractor or bakkie, but lower the body when it is stationary and in use.

Read more about this outstanding machine, and about the smart Kanna wool press, by going to , or visit Kanna Industries on Youtube for videos to see the machines in action.

A mere 10c per kilometre! The electric FONK is a dream come true for the farmer!

Inexpensive, quiet and dependable electric transport

With Kanna’s involvement with JOLT electric vehicles, manufactured by Rumax, they are making another farmer’s dream come true. With the JOLT electric bakkie running cost is a mere ten cents per kilometre. It has a payload of 1 000 kg and covers 10 kilometres at 90 km/h before the batteries have to be recharged. An extra battery bank can be added to extend the distance before recharging.

Kanna is also involved – with Evert and Len Smit of Namibia – with the electric Uri bakkie, known as FONK, with the same specifications as the JOLT.

Then there is also the JOLT motorcycle with a top speed of 80 km/h and which, without an additional battery, has a range of 80 kilometres before recharging is required. Just think of it – no filters, almost zero maintenance, no problems with starting, no smelly exhaust gas, no annoying sound, perfect for hunting, game viewing and especially for silent security patrols.

Kanna continuously improve products to make the life of the farmer easier. This is what the latest model of the handy and improved Kanna sheep conveyor belt looks like.

To see a live performance with the Jolt, visit the website

For further information about the Kanna range of clever implements for the farmer, talk to Willa Nolte on cellphone 072-333-1051, or contact him on his email address Visit the website and watch videos of the nifty and robust Kanna products.

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