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SmartTouch: Valtra’s clever control arm reaches for richer harvests

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The ultimate in ease of operation, comfort and efficiency: Valtra’s SmartTouch control arm makes tractor work a sheer pleasure.

Gone are the days when a dust and sweat covered farmer had to bounce around on a tractor while standing on the stubborn clutch pedal while battling with a bunch of uncooperative gear levers. Today, he sits comfortably in the air-conditioned Valtra cabin and effortlessly controls the tractor and all its functions with small movements of his right hand and fingers on the SmartTouch control arm and screen.

Never before could so much power and so many advanced functions be controlled so accurately with so little effort.

The SmartTouch option is available for all Valtra tractors, but as standard equipment only in the Valtra S4 and T4 Versu.

The whole system consists of the control arm, a 9-inch SmartTouch touch screen and a conveniently placed joystick to accurately control the hydraulic functions.

It is easier to use Valtrac’s SmartTouch screen than a smartphone. All settings can be made by simply double-clicking or swiping a finger.

The control arm is designed to fit your arm, hand and fingers perfectly to ensure that you can accurately control your Valtra with the least effort and exertion. Moreover, everything is so simple and straightforward to operate, even an agricultural journalist could do it.

To make it even easier, the various control buttons look and feel different.

Three programmable memory buttons enable the tractor to remember any process or operation, thereby excluding the need to feed in all the settings from the start every time. With this option the tractor can be programmed for various implements, various tasks – such as automatically returning at the ends of the field (U-pilot) – and even to suit the preferences of various operators.

Two rolling knobs control the hydraulic actions. They are protected by ridges to prevent accidental activation. Between all the buttons on the control arm, sufficient resting space is provided to rule out accidental activation of a button.

The PTO buttons are situated in a position where the operator cannot activate them by accident.

The Valtra Versu with SmartTouch is the only tractor in the world that can be driven with the control arm. The tractor accelerates or reduces speed simply by pushing the control arm forward or pulling it backwards. The HillHold function on the N and T series prevents the tractor from rolling backwards on slopes.

Up to nine hydraulic functions can be programmed with the SmartTouch terminal. Any hydraulic valve can be dedicated to any task, so that you can control any hydraulic action with the hydraulic lever or joystick – including a front-end loader.

Driving a Valtra with SmartTouch is so enjoyable, you wish to continue working throughout the night. Good news is that the tractor’s working lights are also controlled accurately and easily from the SmartTouch terminal.

Never before was tractor work so pleasant, as SmartTouch is designed for user comfort, easy use and efficiency. It is no wonder that SmartTouch won the Red Dot Design Award in 2017 and the iF Design Award in 2018.

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