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Smart, affordable pump control with Smarta technology

Pedri de Villiers with a Smarta pumping system which gives the farmer absolute control over his borehole or reservoir pump with regular feedback on all aspects of the pumping operation, water level and water volume.

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You may just as well, day and night, stand next to your borehole and see down there, in person, many metres below ground level, exactly what your borehole pump is doing . . . but there is a condition – you must install the Smarta pump management system.

Smarta shows you, anywhere in the world, how your water pumps are performing:

  • Is the pump running or not;
  • How many volt and Ampère is demanded;
  • How many kilowatt is the pump delivering;
  • What the water level in the borehole or reservoir is;
  • How fast is the water level dropping when the pump runs;
  • How many litres of water the pump delivers when you select the flow meter;
  • How many times, and why, did the pump switch on and off;
  • How many hours did the pump work/not work;
  • How much electricity did the pump consume;
  • In what condition is the electricity supply to the pump (power surges, fluctuations and outages); and
  • When there is a power cut, whether someone is interfering with the system.
This is what a Smarta system looks like on a borehole. With this system the farmer is kept fully informed on every aspect of the pumping operation. The system can be controlled from any location.

To crown it all: The Smarta system keeps a record of all these things and reports daily at midnight on all the factors with handy, accurate information to allow you to make sensible decisions. It is even possible to compare the ground water level for the present and the previous year.

With Smarta fitted to a borehole or reservoir pump you can control when, or at which level, a borehole or reservoir pump should switch on and off. Should you select the option with the flow meter, you can also determine how many kilolitres you want to pump or have already pumped. The Smarta flowmeters are pebble resistant; some other flowmeters cannot deal with stones and sometimes stop working. Every Smarta system is designed and programmed to suit the requirements of every specific client exactly.

The best news is that Smarta is the brain child of a South African and is manufactured locally to ensure that it will provide exactly in the needs of our own farmers and that know-how, servicing and spare parts will always be available. Pedri de Villiers is the fundi who has been working on the development of the system for the past three years. He first satisfied himself that the system was performing at 100%, was 100% dependable and 100% user-friendly before he embarked on a marketing campaign.

Presently Smarta is in the process of appointing marketing agents in every region and town in the country to ensure that no farmer will have any problems getting hold of the system. Smarta itself installs the system and undertakes training to teach buyers how to operate the user-friendly farming aid.

The internet makes it possible for interested parties to watch a demonstration of Smarta in action. The web address is

More information regarding the perfect solution for the management of water pumps can be obtained from Pedri de Villiers on 076-432-3013 or email:

A single solar panel provides enough electricity for the operation of a Smarta water pump management system for a tank, dam or borehole.

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