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Sit back, watch the screen for higher profit with JDLink

With JDLinkTM you know where all of your equipment are, how they perform and how healthy the machines are, even when you are not on the land in person.

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Tremendous demands are made on the modern farmer – pests and plagues, high input costs, low product prices, government meddling, crime, drought, the demand for ever increasing production opening up more land for cultivation – you name it: Enough to discourage even the bravest!

But we rather prefer to discuss more pleasant subjects, such as the way in which John Deere ease the burden of the farmers making their task easier, saving them time and increasing their efficiency with the JDLinkTM as sidekick.

JDLinkTM is a telemetric system. “Tele” means far, as we all know, and “metric” means to measure. Thus telemetry measures from far away and telematics does it by itself. Consequently the measuring over a distance gives the farmer timely, accurate information enabling him to know immediately what is going on with his machines and make adjustments if and when necessary.

JDLinkTM immediately replies to questions the farmer may have, such as:

• Where and in which lands are my equipment?

• When is it necessary to service every machine?

• How can I protect my equipment against theft and abuse?

• How many hours have which implement worked on which land?

• How much fuel does each implement use?

• How can dealers support me with low-cost service of the highest quality?

• Why does the fuel consumption of two identical machines differ and have different repair requirements?

With the various levels of information collected by JDLinkTM the farmer is empowered to plan his production to the tee to ensure the highest yield and make the most profit.

JDLinkTM has straightforward, accurate and honest answers:

• The JDLinkTM telematic implement monitoring system provides you with all the information you may need to farm more efficiently for higher profit;

• JDLinkTM offers you the flexibility and comfort of automated implement management without the need of going to the land;

• JDLinkTM gives you the honest facts and clarity required to have your implement fleet work continuously at the highest productive rate;

• JDLinkTM is adaptable and offers you the choice of telematic information systems to determine the position of implements and also their performance; and

• JDLinkTM gives you immediate access to essential information (such as engine systems, application of equipment, fuel consumption) of your valuable machines.

JDLink™ Connect

The control system of JDLinkTM Connect makes use of cellular communication and a GPS aerial. The control system collects implement and production data and use wireless transmission to send it to a server to enable you to make use of the John Deere “Operations Center” which enables you to manage the process without having to drive to the land or climb into the cabin of a tractor or combine.

This is how JDLinkTM shows exactly how a harvester combine is utilised. With this information a farmer can – also via JDLinkTM – transmit instructions to the operator to help him improve his performance.

John Deere Operations Center

Most farmers probably already collect data about their activities but the information is not worth much when it is difficult to access or view. The John Deere Operations Center opens the gate wide to the collected information. It is the central portal which enables you to reach your farming information, view it and store it where you can reach it again, manage and share it. You can see at a glance what the average yield, total yield, average moisture content, plant stand, implement position and many more aspects are.

A handy aid – Field Analyzer – enables you to compare the various levels of information side-by-side so that you can make informed farming decisions based on accurate information. You can share all this information with your agricultural experts and enable them to provide you with variable prescriptions that will enable you to utilise every square metre of your land to the maximum.

You transmit these prescriptions in a jiffy to your machines on the land to enable them to adapt plant stand and fertilization on every patch of land. Once the work is completed, all the information already awaits you in the Operations Center for analysis and to bring about improvements for the next season.

Access to distance display

John Deere’s “Remote Display Access” enables you and your trusted partners to look at the screen of any operator and make adjustments without having to drive to the land. Your dealer can also read diagnostic codes from where he is to see if there is a problem which may result in standing time, and to rectify it timeously so that the farm work can proceed uninterruptedly.

All this denotes that you can control all your actions in real time without the need to enter the cabin of an implement. In this way you can manage your farm to a higher level of productivity and efficiency without leaving your office.

Plainly seen JDLinkTM is a connection between you and your implements. You can see what they are doing, where they are and how much fuel they consume. Your implements are also safeguarded by Geofence, which warn you when the ignition is activated and when they are supposed to be inactive and standing still to rest.

You can then enter the diagnostic codes from wherever you may be to identify smaller problems before they develop into big ones; you can dispatch setup files, prescriptions and documentation to your operators on the land and you can share information with your partners.

Wherever you are – you can always see on your computer, tablet or cellphone how your farm is performing.

JDLinkTM will help you to:

• Improve work performance by keeping a close watch during the times when your implements are idling, working or moving from land to land. With this information on hand you will be able to improve your farming practice;

• Cut costs to a minimum through fuel consumption analysis regarding aspects such as fuel levels en consumption per hour;

• Increase productivity by means of the JDLinkTM CAN Bus technology, which allows distant access from your office. Using this, you can contact operators and ask them to make the necessary adjustments to increase efficiency; and

• Protect your assets by demarcating working areas and -times beforehand and to warn you when your implements move outside those times and areas, and also to warn you about maintenance periods.

In this way JDLinkTM eliminates problems before they become facts.

Time equals money

The less standing time implements have while the work is waiting, the more successful and profitable will your farm be. John Deere dealers use JDLinkTM for the same reasons as the farmer – to establish instantly why a problem surface or threaten to surface so that they can provide spare parts and servicing on the dot to keep the wheels of your implements rolling nonstop.

The final result of all this is, of course, improved work performance and efficiency for everyone involved. Best of all is the fact that JDLinkTM keeps you informed precisely about al maintenance requirements. In this way you prevent problems before they are facts.

JDLinkTM enables the farmer to have full insight and control of his farming at all times, even over a long distance from his farm.

Service on which you can depend

John Deere is known for their dependable service on the land. The John Deere dealer chain is always ready to deliver aftersales service, spare components, standard or emergency servicing and repairs. Timely and friendly service, and a long-term commitment towards your success, are John Deere attributes. Satisfied farmers are the reason why one sees the green machines at work on so many farms in the country.

Don’t dally! Talk to your John Deere dealer today! He will assist you in choosing the correct JDLinkTM system and reply to all your questions professionally and knowledgeably.

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