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Scania carry the heaviest load with a smile


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“I will only replace a Scania with a Scania,” says Rossouw van Bergen, owner of Noordkaap Landboudiens transport company and irrigation farmer from Backhouse Farm near Douglas.

Rassie Jonker, who has been driving Rossouw’s Scania trucks for the past 23 years, agrees: “The best thing that has been manufactured on earth, is a Scania R 580.” Rassie tests every type of truck for them and even a 1982 model of Scania still behaved exceptionally.

Rossouw has 20 trucks of which 10 are Scanias. He transports mostly chemical products for the agricultural section country wide. In 2011 he became part of the Scania family, not just buying from them, but even braai-ing with them… and he has never been sorry about his decision.

“I bought my first three Scania trucks second hand with between 30 000 and 40 000 kilometres on the clock and then I started buying new trucks, all of them are the R 460 and R580 models,” he explains.

Each of the trucks do on average between 15 000 and 18 000 km per month, transporting load for other people 95% of the time and 5% for his own farm. Loads typically weigh around 37 tons.

Asking Rossouw why a transport contractor and farmer should invest in a Scania, he pours out the reasons: “It is a very good quality truck driving extremely comfortable and it has good second hand value. Most important is the low fuel consumption, especially on the big one (r 580).”

Many loads are carried on bad gravel roads and the Scania handles it without pains and damage.

“The other thing I like about a Scania is that everything on and in a Scania is from Scania: the gear box, engine, air conditioner, Scania manufactures everything in-house,” he says.

Rossouw is making use of Scania’s financing options. “They offer excellent financial packages. I will not buy a truck from them without using their financing.”

Rossouw van Bergen, owner of Noordkaap Landboudiens, at his personalised red Scania, named after his daughter Klara.

Scania’s service plan

Rossouw took out Scania’s Repair and Maintenance service plan on all his trucks and he is very satisfied with the plan. “It is a service plan stretching over the full period that I use the truck until I sell it again; I have them serviced every 40 000 km. You only pay a few cents per kilometre every month, then all costs are covered,” he explains.

“I only use a truck for three years or up to 600 000 km and then I exchange it at Scania. The new owner also receives a six months service plan.”

Scania’s service

According to Rossouw Scania knows no weekends, their after-hours service is tops and you can phone the help centre 24/7.

The gear box of his R 460 once had a problem in Harrismith. The truck was not yet a year old and still under guarantee. The challenge was that it could not stand for long, because it had dangerous chemicals on board.

“The truck entered Scania’s service centre at 9 o’clock in the morning and at 4 o’clock in the afternoon it drove out with a brand new gear box.”

Rossouw is also very happy with the service he gets from his closest Scania branch in Kimberley. “They make the time to always give good service and if you need to, you can have your truck services over a weekend.”

Rassie says he enjoys taking a truck to Scania for a service. “They have a clean waiting room with coffee, tea and a tv and they make sure that your waiting time is pleasant.”

Rossouw also enjoys the little extras you get with your new truck like a toy truck for you child or a cap for the driver.

Scania connect

Scania has an on board computer measuring the driver’s handling of the truck. If they see there is a problem, they send an instructor for a week to properly train the driver. The owner can also check the driving style and speed on his cell phone.

“You will never look back once you’ve bought a Scania, and you will definitely not travel the road alone,” says Rossouw.

Contact Scania at 011-661-9600 or visit for more information or to find your closest dealer to buy your Scania.

Jan de Klerk is the driver of Klara. He says he almost does not want to get out of the truck, so comfortable it is inside.

A Scania’s cab is the pinnacle of comfort with a cosy bed for drivers to rest in rotation.

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