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Save with Shell lubricants

My vehicles run smoother, there is less friction, less wear, less maintenance and the price is right. That’s why we use Shell lubricants.” Johan Dreyer, Workshop Manager of the Mahela farming enterprise in the Letsitele area does not play with words when it comes to his reasons for using Shell products.

He is just as serious about all the machinery used on the farms and in the warehouses. His job is to make sure everything runs smoothly at the lowest possible cost. This is quite a challenge, as there is a multitude of movement with tractors, implements, trucks, forklifts, and pickups used in the cultivation and handling of citrus, avocados, kiwi fruit, litchis, and nuts.

The wide range of equipment also requires a wide range of lubricants. Engines, gearboxes, hydraulic equipment, and any other moving machines have their own unique lubrication requirements and specifications. Johan says they switched to Shell lubricants about a year ago, because they were more cost-efficient than those of their competitors and also because Shell offers the entire range of products that are needed for their agricultural equipment.

Shell products are quality and can be trusted. “The whole thing about Shell is… everything is Shell! They do not approach us with other brands to complement their range, or to offer better prices. Shell has everything in their portfolio offering to cater for our needs,” Johan explains.

He jokes: “They just have to bring me some premium cooking oil for my
kitchen, but I would not even be surprised if they had that on offer!” Johan explains that there are multi-grade oils that have worked perfectly well in the older tractors, but the new sophisticated engines need specialist products. Gearboxes and power transmission systems have evolved a lot over the last decade and lubricants have had to keep up.

However, Johan also warns that it does not help to use a top-quality oil, but your filters are of inferior quality or your diesel is dirty. “You have to use the best of everything to get the best savings in the end.” The best testimonial for the savings is that he was able to extend the service interval on his Landini’s by 100 hours. Instead of every 250 hours, the tractors are now only serviced after 350 hours. This means less downtime and less expenses over the lifetime of the tractor.

Shell’s service delivery is also top-notch. The representatives of the Shell approved distributor, Gasoline Alley, are fast and knowledgeable, they deliver on the farm and are ready to help if there is a problem. There are also no stock issues.

Another service that Johan appreciates and, as he says, will never abuse, is free testing of used oil. “The only way you can find out if, for example, there is internal leakage from the power steering to the engine or fuel dilution, is to have the oil sampled and tested. It helps to detect mechanical problems quickly. ”

“Here where we farm it gets very hot and Shell lubricants can handle it so that my engines can keep running cool. In the end, I also save fuel because everything just runs better. What more can I ask for?” says Johan.

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