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Save energy and irrigate more profitably with AGRICO’s GPS based Web Control

AGRICO recently introduced a new GPS controller with which pivots can be controlled on AGRICO’s well-known internet application.

By controlling pumps according to the specific need of the pivots, heaps of energy are saved.

Devices on the internet

Advanced Rain Pivot Control and Pump Control connect irrigation devices to the Internet on AGRICO’s Rain interface. The whole system is managed easily and accurately.

New GPS module

AGRICO’s new GPS can be installed on any electrical pivot. The position of the last tower is determined accurately. The pressure can be monitored at the end of the pivot and with AGRICO Pump Control and a VFD (variable frequency drive) the pressure can be controlled automatically and accurately.

This is a Google image with 2 m contours. The graph shows the height profile on the circumference. The total height difference is 21 m, and the maximum height is 13 m higher than the average height. The white section on the graph represents potential energy savings that can be achieved with pressure control.

The value of pressure control with AGRICO’s GPS module

Here is a real example of a pivot with a large height difference between the highest and lowest points:

The following graph shows how the AGRICO system accurately controls the pressure according to the need of the pivot. The spray package requires a minimum pressure of 100 kPa at the end of the pivot for correct, uniform irrigation. Traditionally, the irrigation system is then designed with a constant inlet pressure to continuously meet the maximum pressure requirement (at the highest point); about 450 kPa in this case. However, the pressure at the centre can be varied between about 240 kPa and 450k kPa according to the topography to exactly meet the pressure requirements and thus save energy.

Since the pressure is controlled not to fall below the threshold values and the spray package is equipped with pressure regulators, the volume of water applied remains constant, despite the slope. Power (kW) is the product of pressure (kPa) and flow (ℓ/s). The power required for the pump(s) during irrigation is therefore directly proportional to the pressure applied.

The total energy for one revolution of the pivot is equivalent to the area under the pressure curve. The following graph shows how much energy is required for one revolution with AGRICO’s automatic pressure control, versus the energy that would be required if no control is applied. The energy saving with AGRICO’s GPS pressure control for this real case is more than 28%.

The graph shows how the AGRICO control system automatically responds by varying the inlet pressure at the centre (the solid red line) to continuously maintain the required pressure at the end of the machine (the blue dotted line). The actual end pressure is also indicated (solid blue line).

AGRICO Web Control offers the best technology:

•Dynamic System Pressure – With this integrated solution, pressure can be optimised automatically, with huge energy savings.

•Positioning – Better accuracy by means of optional GPS.

•Security – Web Control utilises the latest user and device authentication to increase security. User rights can be granted individually. Complete record of all user actions is kept for audit purposes.

Shows the energy required with pressure control (in green) and the 28% energy saving (in red), compared to when no control would be applied.

•Increase irrigation efficiency through accurate control.

•Facilitate the operation and management of the irrigation system.

•Reduce energy consumption and increase profitability.

•24 months free internet control subscription with each new controller. SMS communication is optionally available.

•Updates with the latest software versions via the internet.

•The product is supported by a 24/7 technical helpline.

AGRICO is always ready to help the farmer. Contact Alfred Andrag on +27-82-824-1214 or +27-21-950-4111, or e-mail for more information.

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